Interview with @xinchung CEO #TrustCloud, claim your trustworthy data today and use it anywhere

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Interview with @xinchung CEO #TrustCloud, claim your trustworthy data today and use it anywhere

TrustCloud, claim your trustworthy data today and use it anywhere

Xin Chung CEO TrustCloud

Interview with Xin Chung CEO of TrustCloud ( #TrustCloud )

QUESTIONS to Xin Chung, CEO TrustCloud:

1. What is the 140 character definition of TrustCloud?

“TrustCloud empowers you to claim your trustworthy data and use it anywhere”
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2. How did you get the idea to start TrustCloud, where does TrustCloud fit in the ecosystem and how do you see the future of TrustCloud?

TrustCloud first product, experimented with the strength of bonds between friends. Facebook Friend Groups and Google Circles functionality encouraged us to address trust between “reputable strangers”

3. Why should I use TrustCloud over other “similar” networks, what makes it different?

TrustCloud is different from other networks because we address the problem of trust in peer marketplaces using a 3 layer approach: Verification, Behavior, Transaction. We focus on trust attributes that are help in making a p2p deciscion. Klout measures influence; endorsements by topic, measures expertise by topic, Zerply measures wide,, : still waiting for their products!

4. One of the concerns that some users have is the security of TrustCloud members information, particularly for those accounts linked to TrustCloud that conduct real world financial transactions such as eBay. What level of information is accessible to TrustCloud (on eBay for example) and how do you protect your members information?

TrustCloud takes user privacy and data security very seriously.

A. It’s important to know that TrustCloud does not pull any actual financial data from our Trust Network sources.
We mainly gather:
– transactional data such as user reviews, ratings, and feedback.
– bio data, much of which is shared publicly by the user already

B. All sensitive data is double encrypted by two separate algorithms in our database, and protected by SSL encryption on our website
C. Access to our PII user data is controlled by ACL access lists, further limiting exposure to outside sources
D. When our members opt out or ask us to remove their profile, we go to great lengths to make sure their data is actually destroyed

5. Have you conducted any research to see how people judge other people with whom they meet in person versus online? And can you add a layer which includes the context in which trust is being declared? For example, I do not “know” the doctor I am seeing today, yet I trust him/her based on recommendations, degrees, bedside manner. I do not know Berrie Pelser but I trust him based on his thoughtful commentary, the links he posts, his website, his full profile on LI, etc. 

TrustCloud helps you leverage your earned good behavior in the Sharing Economy and gauge the trustworthiness of other people offering products and services online.


TrustCloud has ongoing research with Stanford University Sociology Department regarding the user of “transitive reputation/trustworthiness” that degrees of referrals give. We also have inhouse trust expert from Harvard, Mr. Charlie Greene who has 3 books and extensive knowledge on trust formula and metrics in business.

6. What will be the strategic intent between TrustCloud and and what can we expect from that and what is your strategic intent to get more perspective or integration with the big business networks – aka Empire Avenue, LinkedIn groups, Facebook Fanpage, Google+ Business Page, Web of Trust (WOT), Xeeme, BrandYourself, Youtube, Viadeo, Pinterest, Xing etc.?

TrustCloud is a founding member of’s Trust Respect Network. We will be working with other companies in the Verification and Trust space to develop interoperable models of trust for an emerging federated identity ecosystem.

7. What’s reasoning for +T badge options such as Organized, Reliable, Friendly as they could come across as kind of fluffy and not very business-like?

TrustCloud has chosen these attributes because they are so important for the sharing economy that we are addressing today. While difficult to measure objectively, these are very important subjective endorsements that our collaborative consumption users really care about.

8. What is your stance on such EAv or Flavors missions asking others for a +T?

TrustCloud is careful not to diminish the meaningfulness of our brand from excessive “gamification” for the sake of more users. However , as LinkedIn, Klout,, Zerply begin expand their vouching systems, we think endorsement data can become more valuable– not to mention a fun and sticky activity for users.

9. How will the share economies be involved in TrustCloud? Can you give some examples?

TrustCloud sees portability across different sharing economies critical to it’s growth. For instance, AirBnB grew 500% to 10MM room-nights in 2011 with only an email an paypal data from it’s users.
This is “low-data friction” for a “low-stakes” transaction. We think other emerging sharing verticals such as car, ride, task-share sites like,, and taskrabbit will benefit from haveing “portable trustworthiness” across different verticals.

10. Do you have anything to add to this interview we forgot to ask?

TrustCloud is a big fan of “Data to the People” It’s true that Trust data is not perfect– Trust means different things to different people (context), so it can’t be easily boxed. We do our best ot create a useful, intuitive, and fair system for online citizens to own the success they’ve earned online, and use it anywhere. .

Berrie Pelser:!/BerriePelser

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  1. Lynn O'Connell 2 oktober 2012 om 07:28

    I've been hearing a lot about TrustCloud lately… this interview with the CEO covers their mission and how it works.

  2. Amanda Fox 2 oktober 2012 om 07:29

    It sounds like a winner. So far it has seemed pretty good to me.

  3. Bang Gowes 2 oktober 2012 om 07:37

    Great content, direct from its source. Good to know for something new for me, worth to try. Thanks Berrie!

  4. Harold Gardner 2 oktober 2012 om 07:40

    Does anybody else worry that the proliferation of all these sites and services diminishes all of them? Seems like LI wants to be FB and vice versa. The vouching and trusting and k's are all starting to run together for me.

  5. Kathy Morlock 2 oktober 2012 om 07:41

    Looking good!

  6. Des Daughter Diethylstilbestrol 2 oktober 2012 om 07:42

    Great Q/A Berrie , very informative. Will this help you get a 999 score on TrustCloud LOL? #OnlyJoking have a great day 🙂

  7. Laura Sykes (@layanglicana) 2 oktober 2012 om 09:44

    It seems pretty good, and more fun that Now we just need to persuade him to let us have more Ts. Great interview, Berrie!

  8. Donald Patnaude 2 oktober 2012 om 09:56

    This is really very impressive:)

  9. Andreas Wiedow 2 oktober 2012 om 10:10

    @ Whilst the tim-berners referenced article from link makes much sense I would have appreciated if Xin would have answered in more depth.

    Though nice interview and insight, thanks.

  10. Stephanie 2 oktober 2012 om 10:19

    Cool interview!

  11. Claudiu Gabriel 2 oktober 2012 om 08:29

    TrustCloud is a great initiative for create and consolidate online reputation for personal individuals and business and for buildind a larger circle of respect networks.

  12. Chris Collings 2 oktober 2012 om 10:33

    Good interview Berrie, thank you for taking the time to do it. Appreciate his response to the security issues we raised. It’s a great idea to have a universal trust card, I just hope we can stop members gaming the site.

  13. Gabriel Reynoso 2 oktober 2012 om 08:41

    Insightful. I like that all data is destroyed upon account deletion, something currently not available on other social platforms :cough: facebook. Needless to say, I signed up.!/thelinxgroup

  14. Alexander Bakoulis 2 oktober 2012 om 08:43

    I really much like this new concept of klout, TrustCloud. It is more intricate than other social networks and respects it's user/s by giving them the advance to trust each other. I would be grateful, if I had the option to give more than three (3) +T's. Thank you for this interview Berrie! 🙂

  15. It's great to read this interview now I can get a better idea what trustcloud is all about…very informative specially question 8 is hitting the nail… endorsing provides more valuable data for sure. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Matt Cilderman 2 oktober 2012 om 10:47

    Good job on the interview!

  17. Dr. Michael Haley 2 oktober 2012 om 10:54

    TrustCloud sounds like a winner… but with so many social sites to manage, who can take on another? Since we have so many social media sites, too many are becoming automated by picking up signals from another site. The more people do this, the less beneficial the user experience. Does anyone really actually read their twitter feed anymore? In the same way, another site to manage will probably diminish the usefulness of all of them. I wish there was a one stop shop.

  18. Cosmic Doggerel 2 oktober 2012 om 09:11

    very informative. thanks!

  19. Charles Slang 2 oktober 2012 om 09:12

    I learned a lot about TrustCloud from this interview of their CEO.
    I thought you asked some excellent questions about how TrustCloud is similar to other networks and the differences between them.
    Also of interest was the attitude of TrustCloud to gaming the network by the users to gain prominence, giving +Ts etc. for the sake of more users.

  20. 'Themelis Cuiper 2 oktober 2012 om 09:13

    great interview Berrie Pelser about trustcloud with Xin Chung I made an account!/Themelis_Cuiper I think it is important to have place to see if some account is real to do business with online.

  21. Dubie Bacino 2 oktober 2012 om 09:14

    Seems to me that TrustCloud is just another social media measurement tool, like klout, kred, xeeme, peerindex, and lately As long as they all keep insisting on their in-house points award system to determine the score, it's unlikely any one will ever work. Just my 2 cents.

  22. Richard I. S. Townsend-orglearn 2 oktober 2012 om 09:32

    Here is a problem: "All sensitive data is double encrypted by two separate algorithms in our database". TrustCloud should not under any circumstances have access to any "sensitive data". I like what I see of TrustCloud so far however this is NOT good and needs much greater explanation. Very large and noted web services have been compromised in the past and eBay has links through Paypal directly to bank accounts and credit cards. I would not recommend anybody links their eBay account until a better understanding of the risks comes to the fore! Seriously and I am NOT doubting TrustCloud's or their executives honourable intentions.

  23. Semen Frish 2 oktober 2012 om 10:00

    Thanks, sure, not too new!/real7a looks newer for me 😉 #socailmedia.

  24. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) 2 oktober 2012 om 12:39

    It will be interesting to be an active participant in the development of Trustcloud and the like

  25. Abhijit Pradhan 2 oktober 2012 om 13:22

    Great initiative Berry ! I was introduced to Trust Cloud thanks to you – and I resonate with the “trust” metric more than the “influence” metric. I hope they succeed in making it far more acceptable ! 🙂

  26. Nate McGee 2 oktober 2012 om 11:26

    So far, TrustCloud has been a great tool. I believe the thing that separates it from other tools related to trust or reputation, is the verification's that you can do. Sure you can verify an email address on some tools, but not all of them offer postal address and phone number verification. Sure some of this data may be more sensitive as Richard has pointed out, but this data is what can separate you from a spammer or any other trustworthy person. An untrustworthy person wouldn't want to link an eBay account or verify a postal address. There may be a better way to prove your trustworthiness and this may not be the best way, but it is a better start than some of the other tools.

  27. Jorge Purgly 2 oktober 2012 om 11:32

    Congratulations Berrie for the smart interview.

  28. TFH 2 oktober 2012 om 13:41

    Still early days, but shows some promise.

  29. David W. Schönborn 2 oktober 2012 om 11:45

    Very Great interview! Now Truscloud very Trusted! Thanks Berrie Pelser to this work!

  30. Gerard Dunn 2 oktober 2012 om 14:13

    Klout really lost a lot of their fans with their makeover. Trustcloud seems to be filling the Void!

    Great interview!

  31. Sharon Ulery Ruggieri 2 oktober 2012 om 13:17

    Oh goody…another site. *sigh* It sounds good, I signed up last week, we shall see. This one actually has been a bit fun already 🙂

  32. Leia P. D'Silva 2 oktober 2012 om 15:21

    My user experience with Trustclout.. so far, so good. They're 3 layer approach: Verification, Behavior, Transaction looks promising. I believe that makes a big difference. The interview answered a lot of question for me. Good job Berrie! =)

  33. Jessica Martinez 2 oktober 2012 om 17:37

    I enjoyed reading about the site, but I am nervous about the name. It seems that I may be biased, but whenever I hear a site saying “Trust me”, my first inclination is to ask who, what and why? When I hear of large, high level security places (such as banks) being hacked into, I question smaller, less security-enabled companies to guard my personal information. I will look into this and I appreciate the interview so that I have a base-line to work with.

  34. HART (aka 1800HART) 2 oktober 2012 om 23:10

    Great interview Berrie!

    I was a little confused about answer to question 7) about the generic +T categories ..

    “very important subjective endorsements that our collaborative consumption users really care about.”

    I guess I have to figure out what a “collaborative consumption user” means and if I’m one of them.

  35. Dwayne L Thompson 2 oktober 2012 om 23:37

    I would thread lightly here!

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    found that it is really informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels.
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