NEW Xeeme Xross Network Score with TrustCloud

XeeMe 3 Beta is here
* Much cleaner UI
* Brand new score board on the first page
* Xross Network Score (XNS) merging TrustCloud, Klout, Kred, PeerIndex and XScore
* New feature tabs, coming in February

To get early beta access, please see X3 Beta Request below

A few examples how the new design looks like:

Just a heads up, in January we will officially announce a Technology Alliance with TrustCloud. TrustCloud has a unique approach to trust scoring which we here at XeeMe like a lot and support. As part of the Alliance we created the “Score Bar” which you find on the new X3 (New XeeMe). XeeMe’s new public API is allowing TrustCloud to get XeeScore, numbers of presences and more.

X3 Beta Access
To get early access to X3 Beta you need have TrustCloud on your XeeMe. Then click on “Beta Request” under “Set XeeMe” and we will add beta users as quickly as our resources allow. X3 Beta 2 will be available in Q1 and more users will be able to switch their account.

New X3 Features
Private Tab
Shows you (and only you) all networks that you have set to private (exclude).
Profile Tab
To de-clutter the main XeeMe we moved all other elements that have been on the main page into “Profile”
Follow / Unfollow
The follow and unfollow button is now more obvious and better visible
Score Bar Manager
Under “XeeMe Settings” you can turn the score bar ON or OFF or move it to the profile tab
Share Button
A new share button allows you to share a contact with your network, pin the photo and more
List Separator
A new list separator allows you to add some helping guide into your XeeMe. Just add a new item and select LIST SEPARATOR – The URL content will simply be ignored

Most Recent Added Connections
Inside XeeMe under the “Engagement” Tab you find a new box with the 50 most recently added connections. This is very handy as you may want to go back to them after you followed them

We will come back with one more very cool update later this week 😉

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Thanks to over 1 Million users and customers from over 100 countries, Society3 builds products and services through crowd sourcing, ensuring to best capture market needs.

Society3 Inc is a privately held company based in San Francisco and a European office in Cannes France.


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