Professional WordPress SEO Cloud Hosting with Social Media Strategy

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Professional WordPress SEO Cloud Hosting with Social Media Strategy

Professional WordPress SEO Cloud Hosting with Social Media Strategy

Professional WordPress SEO Cloud Hosting with Social Media Strategy

Professional WordPress SEO Cloud Hosting with Social Media Strategy

Explanation on how we (Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F.) see websites should be designed, hosted and maintained.

Hosting, designing and maintaining a website can be done on a million way’s.

When we started with making websites in 1998 there were only e few way’s to design a website the most used was typing HTML4 in notepad.

Now we are almost 2013, business and internet did change a lot, HTML changed, WordPress, Typo3 and Magento got secure, stable and very usable.

Social Media became very important, customers are demanding security, services and high uptimes.

A list of the top 7 customers wishes in 2012:

  • Uptime (99,90%)
  • Service and Helpdesk (24/7)
  • Security, Monitoring and Trust
  • CMS/Weblog (able to easy change their own website)
  • e-Commerce
  • Social Media Strategy
  • SEO

There are a lot of ways to improve your uptime, the three most important reasons for downtime are security, hardware and software failure. We use a private local (NL) Cloud (VMware) setup to reduce the single points of failure (SPF) in the hardware (Dell/Cisco), all hardware is redundant. We only use and support fully managed Linux/Plesk VPS in our Cloud. The security level is very high (later more on this) and the software we use is all open source. At this moment we have uptime numbers of > 99,90% the last two years.

Service and Helpdesk:
We monitor and log our Cloud and VPS servers 24/7 on every single service running on the Cloud 24 hours per day. If something goes wrong there are engineers ready to fix this ASAP. We make daily offsite back-ups for emergency purposes. We answer question via mail within 24 hours. Customers have our mobile emergency numbers. Read more …

Security, Monitoring and Trust:
The Cloud and all VPS servers are PCI-Compliant and behind firewalls. The virtualization layer and the OS layer running on our own hardened kernels. All servers have their own SSL certificate, my own website has an EV SSL certificate. We monitor and log our Cloud and VPS servers 24/7 on every single service running on the Cloud 24 hours per day. Customers are only getting back-end (editor level) access to their websites, so we do not give out SSH, FTP or Plesk access. We handle this tasks for the end-user if necessary. We make daily back-ups an monitor all IP numbers on RBL e.d. We are working with Web of Trust (WOT), Comodo (EV SSL), and

WordPress CMS:
We use WordPress (and Typo3 for large companies) for a CMS website, we work with WordPress a long time and have a lot of experience with it. WordPress has it all, Security, Custom and Theme designs, Plugins, CMS, Weblog, SEO ready, Social Media ready, easy to use, cheap and always’ s up-to-date. We maintain WordPress, the Theme/Template design and all Plugins, so we take care of all upgrades and updates. We have WordPress/Typo3/Magento programmers to make your own custom plug-in or (Photoshop) design. We also have WordPress/Typo3/Magento designers to make a design from scratch. Typo3 is the CMS of choice when the companies are larger, do not need a weblog and need more user levels. Read more …

We work with Magento from the beginning, we even managed the Dutch forums on the Magento homepages. Magento is a high-end e-Commerce solution for the shop professional. Magento supports all that you need in your online store. Connection to back-end systems are easy as well as importing data (XML) form external suppliers. We do also deliver a simple WordPress shop (WordPress Plugin) for those who only want to sell a few products on their own WordPress site. Read more …

Social Media Strategy:
If you order WordPress, Typo3 or Magento hosting, we deliver Social Media Strategy for free. We have a very large Social Media network we can use. We have also years of experience in Social Media to help you setup your social media accounts, integrate them with your weblog, automate post services etc. etc. lots to do and gain on Social media! Read more …

Last but certainly NOT least, SEO. This is what we do best, again if you order WordPress, Typo3 or Magento hosting you get our SEO knowledge and work for free. We will make sure your WordPress will comply to all Google and Bing’s wishes. Your website will be 100% SEO friendly. We will integrate Social Media. We will place Social Media Share and Follow buttons. We will run Buzz campaigns. Your website will be high in Google after 6 months. Read more …


* TC:!/BerriePelser – TC Score: 858
* XM: – 76.6K social traffic visits
* TR: – 67M reach
* TW: – 138K followers
* My: – 53K friends
* Li: – 16.3K connect/114 recs/2K Skills
* Fp: – 10.5K fans
* FB: – 5K friends + 6K subscr.
* G+: – 10.5K in circles
* Gp: – 2.3K in circles
* EA: – 4.6K shareholders
* YT: – 3.8K subscribers + 8.3K views
* CM: – 2K vouches (Founding Anchor)
* Fl: – 25K views

* EA: (e454)
* Kr: (936/10)
* SCs: (#1)
* Ww: (#1)
* Kl: (79)
* Pi: (83)

Four steps to a social media strategy #infographic 

Four steps to a social media strategy #infographic

Professional WordPress SEO Cloud Hosting with Social Media Strategy

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Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F. delivers high-end secure (PCI-Compliant) WordPress, Typo3 and Magento Linux Cloud VPS Hosting with professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plus Social Media (Social Network) integration, branding and strategy.


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