WordPress Security #infographic

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WordPress Security #infographic



WordPress Security #infographic

What is WordPress?

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Currently WordPress is one of the most popular web blogging software. It is the most common choice for blog users because it provides:

  • Ease of use and versatility. WordPress is suitable for just about anybody – from the absolute novice to the advanced programmer.
  • Feature-rich interface. WordPress has a rich text editor with advanced multimedia support;
  • Expandable. WordPress’s community distributes a large number of modules for almost any popular website feature;
  • It is Open Source. It is free to install and use WordPress for your your site.

This is to arouse awareness to custom wordpress installation users. Hardly 15% of them have lined with the latest version. You won’t learn how but you will see what the threats are and what options you have to be on the most safe side.

WordPress started out as a simple way to share your thoughts on the web through, what was then, a new concept, blogging. People wanted to keep “web logs” of their thoughts and have other people read them and contribute comments.

So WordPress was born to blog and it still does an outstanding job, but has grown into a content management system (CMS) which is something much more.

WordPress is truly astounding. Whether pushing content to social networks, competing for sales and search engine position, allowing people to subscribe to specific content WordPress is not simply a website, but rather a content-publishing platform.

It allows you to take part in today’s “instant” information network – the internet. It gives an individual the same publishing power as a major corporation.

According to the WordPress Codex, “WordPress powers nearly a quarter of new sites today, is the content management system (CMS) of choice for more than two thirds of the top million sites making it the most popular on the web, and is trusted by content publishers both large and small including CNN and the NY Times. With more than 50 million sites globally and eight years of history.”

WordPress Security #infographic

WordPress Security #infographic

WordPress Security #infographic

Source: Pingable

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    Thanks for the information, being an ultra novice in this areas. This information is very helpful.

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    I must say this is some good advice and tips to keep your site safe:)

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    Great article… I am now glad I don’t use wordpress… gee you would think it was an attack on Microsoft… blogger for me!!

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    Have a wordpress url reserved but have not started it up yet. This is VERY helpful. Thank you.

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      Sarah, it's very easy. I use it privately and for work. I also teach it!

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      We changed over to wordpress – still learning some of the ins and outs but love it

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    Great as usual Master Berrie! Keep us tuned! :))

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    Do you have such an infographic about Drupal?

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    I really don’t think much about that; until now. You reminded me that we all need to be diligent with our upgrades to be sure we are protecting ourselves and each other. Thanks

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    These days, it's hard to have something really useful that doesn't have its caveats. Great job collecting them in this form.

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    As a newbie ( I am still on blogspot!), I have been thinking of switching to WordPress for a while now! I never realised one needs to keep all these points in mind once one makes it properly operational! Thanks as usual Berrie!

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    Great infographic!

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    AND THIS is why I don't tinker with it…. I'll have someone else do it for the money they are worth!

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    Thankyou very much for the info, I am now going to double check all my WordPress sites. Thank you for the information.

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    Interesting. I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up!

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    This is perfect timing as I just secured some new URLs – excellent info.

  35. FL1 Group 22 juli 2012 om 21:08

    Great article! Although some good advice, it does fall short in a number of areas as website security is a lot more involved than just ensuring you've got all the latest patches and a strong password. The fact of the matter is, there are still vulnerabilities even then, and plug-ins invariably are at the risk of the effort the developer has put in to secure them.

    Consider this excellent plug-in as a starting point, and if nothing else watch the video, it's a real eye opener!

    enjoy 😉

  36. Marc - developpeur mobile 29 juli 2012 om 19:18

    Hope some wordpress will understand the risk to keep a wordpress installation not update. Is there a place to find the same thing for other CMS like Drupal?

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