30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins – infographic

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30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins – infographic

WordPress 30 Most Popular Plugins #infographic

This infographic showcases the 30 most popular WordPress plugins to improve the design options, enhance the social media support, SEO and many other unbelievable features. Every plugin is followed by a brief description along with the statistics to let the viewer understand whether the plugin delivers to the needs.

” This infographic is courtesy of WordPress Templates and Designed by Graphs

WordPress 30 Most Popular Plugins

WordPress 30 Most Popular Plugins


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  1. John Small (@JohnSmall9) 2 maart 2013 om 15:36

    Nice infographic Berrie : )

  2. visualrito 2 maart 2013 om 15:40

    This is fantastic – great info-graphic. easy to evaluate each plug in

  3. TFH 2 maart 2013 om 15:46

    Great post

  4. Rex Dow 2 maart 2013 om 14:58

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kaya Wittenburg 2 maart 2013 om 14:58

    Love this!

  6. Lanell Beckles 2 maart 2013 om 15:04

    Super informative! Definitely very thorough.

  7. Harold Gardner 2 maart 2013 om 16:09

    Great list thanks Berrie

  8. EA Leaders 2 maart 2013 om 15:11

    Excellent so far Top 30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins. Thank you Berrie Pelser.

  9. Nili Moran 2 maart 2013 om 15:15

    I use several of these plugins. Great stuff!

  10. Dimitrios F. Seymour 2 maart 2013 om 15:35

    great info!

  11. Detlev Artelt 2 maart 2013 om 16:09

    great post – thx Berrie.

  12. Michael K 2 maart 2013 om 19:37

    really useful for WP users

  13. tvilicious 3 maart 2013 om 03:37

    cool plugins

  14. Patrick 6 maart 2013 om 13:45

    Great list. I’m making it a point to explore some of the plugins on this list that I’d never heard of. Just started using W3 Super Cache and my web host seems much happier with me.

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