WordPress CMS in Numbers 2013 an infographic

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WordPress CMS in Numbers 2013 an infographic

WordPress CMS in Numbers 2013 an infographic

WordPress CMS

We have collected the latest statistics about WordPress in 2013. Without a doubt, WordPress is the fastest-growing and most popular content management system in the world! Share these amazing facts about WordPress with your friends and colleagues!

What is WordPress? Statistics and numbers in an infographic: WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) most popular and appreciated in the world and is used daily by tens of millions of people.

WordPress CMS in Numbers 2013 an infographic. WordPress is a CMS Weblog Content Management System. rich and user-friendly publishing platforms.

Source: Mooveagency

WordPress is certainly one of the most feature rich and user-friendly publishing platforms available today. At the same time, webmasters love it because of its openness, extensibility and huge and active open source community. Today WordPress is used in everything from serious high traffic commercial websites to small personal blogs.


Best Free WordPress Plugins

Jetpack – more info…

Jetpack is probably one of the best WordPress plugins for free. It is a whole package of plugins that will improve the features of your WordPress site. Here are some of its features: Site Stats without additional load on the server, spelling and grammar check, mobile theme, sharing, backup and much more.

Edit Flow Publish Calendar – more info…

This is one of the top WordPress plugins for managing posts and publishing via a WordPress calendar. Aside from a useful calendar, it provides editorial comments, post statuses and other features, making it a lot easier to collaborate inside WordPress.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – more info…

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a favorite SEO plugin among WordPress users. It is designed as an all in one plugin with different awesome features. This includes snippet preview, page SEO analysis, meta description and image titles.

Akismet Anti Spam – more info…

Akismet could be among the best free plugins for WordPress. It provides protection from all online intruders and investigates comments against their web service to determine spams.

W3 Total Cache – more info…

W3 Total Cache is one of the best WordPress plugins for improving user experience. It improves your website by boosting server performance and reducing download time. It also provides transparent CDN or content delivery network integration.

Redirection – more info…

This is one of the best free WordPress plugins and it is a vital tool for SEO. It helps manage record errors, redirections and tie up possible loose ends in webpages.

Better WP Security – more info…

Better WP Security took the best security features and techniques of WordPress and combined them in one plugin. This ensured that as much security issues are solved without worrying about conflicting features or possible missing features in your website.

Facebook AWD All in one – more info…

Facebook AWD All in one plugin adds like box, FB comments, activity box, FB connect, open graph and like button to your WordPress site.

Advanced Custom Fields – more info…

This plugin is the perfect solution for all WordPress sites that contain a lot of flexible data such as other CMS’s.

Really Simple CAPTCHA – more info…

Really Simple CAPTCHA is a plugin that was designed to be compatible with other plugins. It was created originally for Contact Form 7 but can be used with your selected plugin.

Google Analytics for WordPress – more info…

Google Analytics for WordPress is one of the top WordPress plugins that will allow you to keep track of your WordPress powered site easily with plenty of metadata.

BackWPup – more info…

With this plugin, you can use the backup files to save your entire installation, which include WP-Content. It pushes them to an outside backup service, if you choose not to save your backup files in one server. You can restore your installation with one backup.zip file.

Contact Form 7 – more info…

You may require a contact form if you are creating a website. For that, the best free and most suitable plugin is Contact Form 7. It is so easy to use and can deal with dozens of numerous contact forms.

Google XML Sitemaps – more info…

This is among the best WordPress plugins that generates a special XML sitemap that helps search engines in indexing your blog. It helps your site get indexed by large search engines such as Google, Ask.com, Bing and Yahoo.

Pretty Link Lite – more info…

If you are doing online marketing, link shortening and tracking is important. This plugin will help you do such tasks by utilizing your domain name. It also keeps track of URL hits and provides a complete report on the origin of the hits.

Broken Link Checker – more info…

A broken link occurs sometimes and when it does, it is very difficult to find them. Fortunately, there is Broken link Checker. Checking for broken links is so easy with this plugin that you only have to install and activate it and it will do its work on its own.

HeadSpace2 – more info…

This is a free all in one plugin that can deal with numerous SEO tasks. It will allow you to provide descriptions, enhance page ranking, change theme, generate custom titles and tag posts.

Admin Menu Tree Page View – more info…

Admin Menu Tree Page View plugin will add every page that you have to admin menu, allowing them to be available with one click, wherever you are in your admin area.

CMS Tree Page View – more info…

This plugin will add a tree like CMS custom posts and pages overview to your WordPress site, similar to the view that can usually be seen in page focused CMS’s. Inside the tree, you can edit, view, add and search pages and then drag and drop them to rearrange your page order.

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