Why use WordPress responsive Themes, an infographic

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Why use WordPress responsive Themes, an infographic

Why use WordPress responsive Themes, an infographic
Source: WPresponsivethemes.com

With abrupt growth in the usage of mobile technology, internet users are now getting connected to web world through their small screen smartphones. So it’s important for the website developer to ensure that the website is perfectly optimized for both mobile devices and desktop computers.

If you are planning to build a website, make sure that it is 100% responsive as nearly 53% of adult cell phone possessors use their mobile devices to access the internet. And it is estimated that by the end of 2017, nearly 77% of U.S shoppers make use of their smartphone devices to purchase items or goods online. The infographic depicts that by the year 2015, mobile internet browsing will exceed the web browsing made through desktop computers.

Why use WordPress responsive Themes, an infographic

Why use WordPress responsive Themes, an infographic

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  1. Passerby 25 september 2013 om 16:21

    Great post on the importance of using WordPress responsive themes. As the infographic indicates, such themes have several benefits, including being content-focused, cross-platform, and easy to manage.

  2. Warren Cardinal 25 september 2013 om 16:27

    great infogrqphic! thanks for sharing

  3. Greenteaandbeer 25 september 2013 om 17:08

    Very informative. Are these themes only available for pay accounts, or are there free ones as well?

  4. Mike 25 september 2013 om 17:31

    Fantastic info!

  5. Gord 25 september 2013 om 18:04

    Lots of great information here. Thanks.

  6. Arnaz Woods (@ConcreteBeatz) 25 september 2013 om 20:51

    great blog!!

  7. Barbara Fariña 25 september 2013 om 21:33

    I really thought that the number the people was greater. 53% is a lot but I thought it was more

  8. Tom Laing 26 september 2013 om 01:41

    Valuable tips, hints and information. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Dazza30 26 september 2013 om 11:43

    Another great inforagphic from you 🙂

  10. Belinked 26 september 2013 om 13:10

    Great post.

    For responsive sites and error free servers we feel WP themes are the best to go ahead. Even wordpress is very seo friendly and eay to operate

  11. Stephanie 26 september 2013 om 13:55

    Nice graph!

  12. X 26 september 2013 om 14:23

    Loving the info!

  13. Eric Penn 26 september 2013 om 15:40

    Great information. Lots of mobile going on these days.

  14. Maria 27 september 2013 om 04:49

    Since I changed my theme, to FirmaSite, I now have a responsive blog.

    Thank you for providing me with more information on why it’s good to do it.

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