What is an Atomic Tribe on Triberr?

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What is an Atomic Tribe on Triberr?

What is an Atomic Tribe on TriberrWhat is an Atomic Tribe on Triberr?

Do not mis any post from our weblog, join our Atomic Social Media SEO Tribe

Atomic Tribes will weave several innovative concepts together, like:

  • Auto/manual content sharing across multiple destination networks
  • Tribe SEO, a new technology available only to Triberr members
  • Priority Handling
  • Flexible account and RSS treatment
  • Custom shortner
  • Bone-deep statistics
  • Chief-centric controls
  • Priority Support

How many members can an Atomic Tribe have?
Atomic Tribes purchased during our alpha and beta periods can have up to 500 members. This number may change once ATs are opened up to everyone.

Who can join my Atomic Tribe?
Anyone. Unlike traditional tribes, Atomic Tribes can include both bloggers and non-bloggers.
Invite anyone who likes to read and share your blog posts. Friends, family, co-workers, social network connections, blog readers, family pets… everyone is welcome.

How does a Chief invite someone to an Atomic Tribe?
Atomic tribes have a special invite link that you can share with anyone, anywhere. They can follow your link and they will land on your tribe invite page. With a click of a button they can join.

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13 Reacties

  1. Jason Wagner 27 februari 2013 om 10:34

    Wow, sounds like a pretty awesome group/hierarchy things. I'm definitely interested and will keep up to date, so thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  2. Mika Douglas 27 februari 2013 om 10:49

    As a member I can tell you there is huge benefits in leveraging and propagating your postings through the tribe.

  3. Harold Gardner 27 februari 2013 om 12:02

    I understand how this benefits the ‘Chief’ by having followers automatically sharing for him, but I am confused about why this is good for the followers.

    • Berrie Pelser 27 februari 2013 om 12:07

      You do not have to share my post by hand, all goes automaticly, this safes you time …

  4. Sunish Sebastian 27 februari 2013 om 11:12

    AT by Triberr is really interesting. What I like AT most is that, when you sign up for it you are also eligible to add many auto approvals from Triberr. Although it is not a good idea to Place auto approvals, it saves time. Value added service for someone who purchase AT from Triberr.

  5. Kevin Morrice 27 februari 2013 om 11:24

    This sounds really cool & innovative! Thanks for the information. One note on spelling above: shortening

  6. Annetta Powell 27 februari 2013 om 11:24

    I have the Triberr Lite AT… it is still pretty good, although I am limted to have only 25 tribe members.

  7. Michael Nelson 27 februari 2013 om 15:31

    Sounds like great results, going to check this out!

  8. Rob Tee 27 februari 2013 om 17:35

    Hey thanks for the article. I’ll have to check out this Atomic Triber.

  9. Rade (@RadeBigMan) 28 februari 2013 om 01:31

    Got to check this out.

  10. Sherman Smith 2 maart 2013 om 20:46

    I just started with triberr and learning something new daily. The atomic tribe definitely looks like it would be beneficial. Thanks for sharing

  11. George 5 maart 2013 om 22:01

    It sounds very interesting. How do you create an Atomic Tribe?

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