There Are 12 Types Of Social Media Users – Which One Are You? – INFOGRAPHIC

When you’re using social media, are you an Ultra? Perhaps you’re more of a Dipper, or a Peacock. You might be happier being a Ghost or a Lurker.

And if you’re pretty sure you’re not any of these things, you might just be a Denier.

A survey by online bank First Direct has determined that there are 12 unique personality types across users of social media, including Ultras, who are obsessed with checking Facebook and Twitter, Dippers, who are infrequent users, Peacocks, who love to show off their popularity and Ghosts, who are crave privacy and anonymity.

And Deniers? These are the folks who claim that social media doesn’t control their lives, when the reality is very different.

“A lot of people admit to behaving very differently in social media to how they behave in the ‘real world’,” said Rebecca Dye, social media manager at First Direct. “It’s important we’re aware of that when we’re dealing with customers through a variety of channels.”

Check the infographic below for the full list of 12 social media user personalities.

12 Types Of Social Media Users - infographic

12 Types Of Social Media Users – infographic

Source: Firstdirect

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