TrustCloud is valuable across multiple sharing verticals, survey shows.

TrustCloud is valuable across multiple sharing verticals, survey shows.

An online survey conducted by TrustCloud with over 700 respondents shows that its service is useful accross multiple sharing verticals. 56% of survey respondents said that they would use TrustCloud in connection with various types of peer-to-peer (p2p) sharing marketplaces.

During a two month period from September 26. till November 31. of this year, TrustCloud used an online survey tool to ask visitors of its webpage the following question: “Why would you look up someone’s TrustCloud profile?” Participants could chose from several answer categories, select “all of the above” or enter an individual reply in a customized field. The survey had 714 participants, which were TrustCloud as well as non-TrustCloud users.

According to the results, an astonishing 56% of survey respondents said they would look up somebody on TrustCloud because they were looking to share something on one specific or various different p2p marketplaces. 34% of participants claimed that all given options (see image) were relevant reasons for using TrustCloud. This suggests that trust indicators are helpful in enabling online p2p transactions and are valuable accross different sharing verticals. As TrustCloud firmly believes, this gives emphasis to the necessity for trust to become a portable metric within the sharing ecosystem.

When we look at individual sharing verticals, the most important reason for using TrustCloud (10,7%) was looking up people that users are thinking about staying with or renting out their house to over p2p vacation rental sites such as AirbnbWimdu9flats and Homeaway. This is an interesting result in light of the fact that p2p vacation rentals are currently the most successful examples of p2p collaborative consumption models.

6.7% of survey participants said they would use the site because they are interested in dating somebody, while approximately 4,5 % were interested in both using it to share an item or hire somebody as a babysitter. Surprisingly, ride sharing was rated as the least important reason for using the service with only 3.8 %. This may be linked to the fact that the majority of the TrustCloud website traffic currently comes from North America, where ridesharing is still a niche phenomenon in comparison to Europe.

Outside of p2p sharing verticals, the survey also found that a large number of repondants claimed to be interested in looking up people they would like to hire or conduct business with (for instance over a tasksharing site). This shows that not only social media platforms like LinkedIn and Klout, but also trust indicators play an significant role in people’s job reseach and hiring decisions.

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!

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