How does TrustCloud measure trustworthiness?

How does TrustCloud measure trustworthiness?

How does TrustCloud measure trustworthiness?

TrustCloud is an online service that helps you leverage the good behavior you’ve earned on the Web – and gauge the trustworthiness of others in your sharing community. So how does TrustCloud measure your trustworthiness?

The service works with author and trust expert Charles H. Green  to interpret universal indicators of Trust such as Credibility, Reliability, Familiarity, and Consideration. TrustCloud measures trust with a unique 3-layer method:

In a Verification Layer they confirm your identity with SMS, multiple emails and snailmail. Transparency is a simple, but powerful indicator that you are who you claim to be — not a bot.
With a Behavior Layer, they detect behavior across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their proprietary algorithms look for behaviors like responsiveness, consistency and longevity. In combination, these gestures speak volumes to how people behave online.

The service only works with publicly-available data in these forums and never crosses the privacy lines without users’ permission. TrustCloud also collects behavior-related data from federated identities (sites like Quora, Yelp and TripAdvisor).  Being responsive to others, providing content or a useful review is the kind of virtuous data that can indicate universally positive trait of being helpful to a community.

Lastly with a Transaction Layer TrustCloud gathers opt-in transaction data (like ratings and endorsements) from sharing sites and peer-to-peer marketplaces.  Measuring these transactions provides additional indicators of trustworthiness (e.g. if you respect my car, you’ll respect my apartment). Endorsements are easily gamed by well-meaning friends or flat-out scammers, which is why the service uses proprietary algorithms to recognize certain patterns and weigh the quality of sources to give a more accurate context.

The combination of these layers enables TrustCloud to generate a comprehensive TrustScore. This score, which is displayed on every user’s TrustCloud profile, can be used on various peer-to-peer platforms to show those with whom you may want to transact, how trustworthy you are. Get your own TrustCloud account here:

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