TrustCloud and Society3 Join forces

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TrustCloud and Society3 Join forces

Highly connected social media networker now getting even more transparent and expose trust scores.


Feb. 7, 2013 – Society3™, a San Francisco based social media application provider and TrustCloud, a leading provider for trust solutions announces a strategic partnership to increase the level of transparency and trust in the rather confusing social web. About every 1,000th social media user worldwide is using XeeMe™ from Society3™ as a social presence manager, sharing their social media profiles with a single URL and creating more impact with their social engagement. Through the partnership with TrustCloud XeeMe™ exposes now also trust scores along with the social presences of the respective brand or person. A visitor of such a XeeMe™ is now getting more insights about that brand or person.

TrustCloud is also using the information provided by the XeeMe API to augment their trust score and provide further accuracy to the scoring algorithm.

TrustCloud is a trust system for the Web that provides internet users with up to date and portable trust indicators that can be used everywhere. As an equivalent to a FICO credit score in the offline world, TrustCloud generates a “TrustScore” for each of its users based on three basic TrustCloud layers (Identity, Interaction, and Behavior) containing over thirty different online and offline elements such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as well as offline verifications like SMS and Snail Mail.

Launched in May of 2012, TrustCloud’s mission is to increase trust and reduce risk among peer-to-peer(p2p) marketplace users. By building partnerships with p2p marketplaces and social networks like XeeMe, TrustCloud is expanding its network of Web platforms on which its standardized trust indicators can be used.

“We are excited to add XeeMe to our Trust Networks, the XeeScore is a valuable indicator of social engagement and transparency”, says TrustCloud CTO Rob Toews.

With up to 50,000 new users per day, and users from over 100 countries, XeeMe is one of the fastest growing social media applications. XeeMe is nominated for the prestigious Shorty Award and currently ranking No.1 in the hit list in the Apps category.

TrustCloud an XeeMe user Berrie Pelser, a highly engaged social media user and Internet Hosting provider agrees that this partnership will be valuable for users of both services: “I am thrilled that two of my favorite social media platforms are becoming partners. Since TrustCloud provides valuable measures of trustworthiness, displaying a TrustCloud score in my Xeeme profile will be very useful.”

TrustCloud scores are available on the latest XeeMe version as of today. Top networker compete for best scores and are publicly listed on the “XeeMe Wall Of Fame”, which is updated once a week.




“We are excited to add XeeMe to our Trust Networks” says #TrustCloud CTO Rob Toews about new partnership with #Xeeme

TrustCloud and Xeeme announce partnership to expand each other’s networks. #trustcloud #xeeme

@TrustCloud and @s3grp #Society3 join forces to increase transparency and trust in the social web #XeeMe


Red more here: Society3

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    Congrats…sounds like a real good alliance

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    This is indeed an exiting news for XeeMe users.

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    A breakthrough? In any case important news.

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    Great news, Congratulations!

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    I think this merger will be good for better evaluation of one's social presence and marketability.

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    Great news – congratulations!

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    It will be interesting to see how this relationship adds value to both sites.

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    Congrats, Great News, Keep Cool.

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    This looks like a good merger – each has competencies that will enhance the value of the other.

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    Any tool which increases the level of transparency and trust in the confusing social web has to be welcomed. I'll be looking at this closely this weekend!"

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    I think it's a decent idea.

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    Great idea man! TrustCloud is good service too.

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    Sounds like a logical fit that should add value to both entities.

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    Will be interesting to see the outcome

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    Guess in this case 1+1 makes 3! congratulations!

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    As Pieter said this looks like 1 + 1 = 3 or even more.

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    Congrats for all you efforts and success Berrie ;).

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