Why you should claim your Trust #TrustCloud

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Why you should claim your Trust #TrustCloud

Why you should claim your Trust #TrustCloudWhy you should claim your Trust #TrustCloud now

How did you find out about TrustCloud?
I got invited by one of my friends. I was curious, did have a look, was positively surprised and started to work on my TrustCloud profile.

How is TrustCloud useful to you?
It is useful in more ways IMO, it tell something about yourself and if you can be trusted (or not), people and (future) customers can have a look on my website but on my website my phone number and address are not verified. They can have look on my LinkedIn profile but also on LinkedIn they cannot see if I am trusted. On TrustCloud all comes together, all social media profiles are connected, address, emails and phone numbers are verified, friends and business relations can give endorsements on your trust factors. Count this together and you have a personal Trust Score.

With the TrustCloud badge on our business home page visitors can see how trusted I am. Hopefully it will influence their decision positively to do business with me or to keep doing business with me. At this moment I already have an example of a new client who used the new TrustCloud badge (together with the WOT badge and Comodo badge) in their decision to do business with me.

What do you like about the TrustCloud service?
Part of this answer is in the remarks above. I hope I will be able to implement my TrustCloud badge in all sharing economy services out there. I hope I can implement my TrustCloud badge on e-Commerce services like eBay (and for the Dutch on Marktplaats) I think a TrustCloud badge can be a big help on dating sites, about sites (like Xeeme) and on social media measurement sites (like Klout). There are lots of possibilities where it will be a big advantage to see the person behind it, one click on the TrustCloud badge is enough to see who the person is en if he can be trusted.

Other comments?

Considered TrustCloud is just started and still in a BETA face it is already a fast growing mature full and functional trust system, ready for the next steps in Trust. A small team of smart and enthusiastic people are busy every day to make TrustCloud better and better, new social media networks will be introduced, new trust factors will be used, and much more.

home: https://trustcloud.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/trustcloud/
Xeeme: http://xeeme.com/TrustCloud

Testimonial Berrie Pelser

What is TrustCloud
TrustCloud measures your virtuous online behaviors and transactions online and then turns it into a portable TrustScore you can use anywhere on the Web and within the Sharing Economy. This is how it works: Claim your trustworthy online data by signing up on the Trustcloud website at www.trustcloud.com and connect different data sources to your profile, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, eBay and Tripadvisor. To create an account it is sufficient to add only one network, so this step only takes a few seconds.

Once you have an account, you can then continue to add networks and verify information such as email addresses, postal address and cell phone number. You can also earn so-called TrustCloud badges for connecting networks, verifications as well as being a bug hunter or providing valuable feedback to the TrustCloud Team. Endorsements add a further qualitative dimension to the platform, since they let users give eachother “+T” for a number of virtues such as friendly, helpful, accountable, compassionate and organized.

How do you improve your TrustScore? Similar to how you improve your resume’ or LinkedIn account by adding more information about yourself and your accomplishments, TrustScores are improved by volunteering sources where your accomplishments are updated. As in the offline world, transparency is rewarded. After these sources are hooked up, just continue to be accountable and trustworthy in your behavior and transactions online. Those actions will be detected by TrustCloud algorithms to adjust your score.

The way you can get the most out of your TrustCloud profile once it is set up is to start using your TrustCard on different third party Websites. A TrustCard is an online widget that shows your profile information such as picture, name, TrustScore, data sources, and the TrustCard Badges you’ve earned. You can use it in peer-to-peer marketplaces to let others know you are trustworthy by integrating your TrustCard into your user profile. Show off the success you’ve earned by embedding your TrustCard into your website, blog site or even an email signature.

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  1. Reza Ahmed 23 oktober 2012 om 11:52

    I was looking for this article , many thanks!

  2. Semen Frish 23 oktober 2012 om 12:56

    Thanks, nice article, actually interesting how +Ts, +Ks, Kreds, Vouches and In Endorsements will matter in a year or so 🙂 #socailmedia.

  3. Abhijit Pradhan 23 oktober 2012 om 13:45

    Power to Trustcloud! 🙂

  4. Harold Gardner 23 oktober 2012 om 14:28

    I have to admit that I am still struggling a bit with TC. I suspect that I am more likely to check for mutual acquaintances on FB or LI; then ask them directly. I am not sure a badge from TC can give me that level of confidence.

    It seems like every So Me site is trying to become the hub for all my SM presence. I am not sure that I see a clear winner yet.

  5. Toon Kerssemakers 23 oktober 2012 om 14:51

    The high quality we know already from Berrie.

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