What is the Difference between a Tribe Follower and a Blogger (Member)

1) If you follow a Tribe (Follower) your post will NOT be on the Tribel Stream so NOT shared.

2) If you are promoted to Blogger by the Chief, your post will be on the Tribel Stream and Shared.

3) If you are directly invited (Member) to a Tribe, your post will be on the Tribel Stream and Shared.

4) An Atomic Tribe has only one (1) member/blogger, the Tribal Chief, the rest are Followers.

Triberr Prime Profile
Ber|Art (Berrie Pelser) Prime Triberr profile (85 Tribes/4K Tribemates/85M Reach)

Ber|Art (Berrie Pelser) Tribes
@Social Media SEO (Atomic) – 3.9M Reach (370 Tribemates)

Atomic Tribe Social Media

Internet Business – 800K reach (90 Tribemates)
SEO Social Media – 3.1M reach (106 Tribemates)
Social Media SEO – 2.3M reach (84 Tribemates)

NEW Tribe!
Social Media Strategy – 126K reach (1 Tribemate)

Triberr LIMITS for a Prime Member
– Tribe Ownership: The number of tribes you can create and manage as Chief: 12 tribes
– Tribe Size: The number of members allowed in the tribes you own: 75 members
– Connected Blogs: The number of blogs Triberr will import posts from: 7 blogs
– Imported Posts: The total number of imported posts from your blogs: 49 posts
– Approved Posts: The number of posts you can have queue for sharing at a time: 140 approvals
– Auto-Sharing: The number of tribemates you can automatically share content for: 100 tribemates
– Automatic Tribe: The number of members allowed in an Automatic Tribe: 500 members

Triberr HELP: http://help.triberr.com/

SEO Social Media Tip of today : Triberr Tips (please unlock)


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