The Story of Google [Interactieve infographic]

/, seo, social media, social networks/The Story of Google [Interactieve infographic]

The Story of Google [Interactieve infographic]

The Story of Google

[Interactieve infographic]

Google is a name that has become a part of our many individual’s everyday routine, a name that provides starters a gateway to the world wide web, a name that has become a verb. The interactive graphic below tells the story of Google:

The Story of Google [Interactieve infographic]

1995, the magical year when Larry Page met Sergey Brin. Within 2 years the pair registered the domain, setting in motion what has become one of the most well-known destinations on the internet.


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  1. Amanda 24 januari 2012 om 15:14

    very well done, great stuff!

  2. Krishnendu Dutta 24 januari 2012 om 15:23

    This is a great infographic … Google is a example of how inventions and entrepreneurship works together to build a great company.

  3. Anne Thomas 24 januari 2012 om 15:33

    Great info about Google’s history 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Daniel Wong 24 januari 2012 om 15:35

    Nice drawings and interesting information

  5. William Stewart (@Billy_Stewart) 24 januari 2012 om 16:27

    amazing how such a simple idea can create such an empire.

  6. Diana Lewis 24 januari 2012 om 16:43

    Creative presentation, interesting read!

  7. Crille Vuorenmaa 24 januari 2012 om 16:56

    very well done! Have a nice day

  8. Nicolas Liu 24 januari 2012 om 16:58

    Interesting story, even though I already know part of it.

  9. Paulo Mealha 24 januari 2012 om 17:18

    Great article!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. AmangND 24 januari 2012 om 17:26

    I never care about story of everything, but now I have to care about it. I never know the complete story about that company before, I’ll keep it my mind, thanks for sharing !

  11. Jason Flaugh 24 januari 2012 om 18:16

    Always loved the parallax effect.

  12. Dwayne Kilbourne 24 januari 2012 om 19:10

    It is amazing how Google has grown into a verb!!

  13. Ed Blount 24 januari 2012 om 19:13

    Scary to think how big Google is, and how little time it has been around !

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