The Most Obnoxious Tweeters – infographic

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The Most Obnoxious Tweeters – infographic

The Most Obnoxious Tweeters – infographic

If you’ve ever been the victim of an unfollow on Twitter, you may just fit the profile of an obnoxious tweeter.

The following infographic, created by Israel-based company Conduit, details 11 of the tech industry’s most annoying Twitter users. Some examples of feed-cloggers include “The Eventaholic,” who tweets about every pseudo-interesting person he meets at every single gathering he attends, and “The Social Media Butterfly,” who constantly provides updates in a bid to gain more followers.

The Most Obnoxious Tweeters


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  1. Angus Whitton 28 maart 2013 om 11:59

    Really clever, and amusing , and informative..


  2. Robert Alan Riley 28 maart 2013 om 12:05

    Thank you for this humorous infographic.

  3. Liz Pullen 28 maart 2013 om 12:08

    It's pretty harsh although some aspects ring true to life.

  4. Patrick 28 maart 2013 om 13:18

    Love it! And I’ve seen almost all of these in real life! 🙂

  5. Rado Matczuk 28 maart 2013 om 12:20

    cool infographic, shared!

  6. Alexander Bakoulis 28 maart 2013 om 12:21

    very funny post, thanks for sharing!

  7. Harold Gardner 28 maart 2013 om 13:22

    Pretty funny stuff there.

  8. R.j. Frasca 28 maart 2013 om 12:32

    Ha… funny, but so sadly true.

  9. Sunish Sebastian 28 maart 2013 om 12:48

    Who am I? #totalloser sound good.

  10. Joan Stewart 28 maart 2013 om 13:13

    Love this Berrie and the crazy thing is we most probably all fall into one of the above, one way or another.

  11. Les McHugh 28 maart 2013 om 13:31

    So true! Quite amusing!

  12. Abyd A Sayyd 28 maart 2013 om 13:48

    very funny and informative infographic.

  13. Rob Tee 28 maart 2013 om 15:57

    Thanks for the tips, very helpful as always!

  14. geoffrey 28 maart 2013 om 16:20

    Pretty direct and accurate..but also funny in a sense, thank you very much

  15. Pieter Collier 28 maart 2013 om 17:21

    always was wondering what these tweets meant… no finally got it! thanks!

  16. Garnerbarro PL 28 maart 2013 om 23:38

    Funny Stuff 😀

  17. Eric Penn 29 maart 2013 om 01:57

    LOL tweetlation, funny stuff here! 🙂

  18. Barry Gumm 29 maart 2013 om 01:59

    Thanks for the laugh.

  19. Bree Hoge 29 maart 2013 om 02:12

    Epic! lol

  20. Monica Maria Crapanzano 29 maart 2013 om 21:15

    Great post!

  21. Jose Carrilho 30 maart 2013 om 03:21

    Very funny.
    But it lacks a crucial point: What kind of user am I? 🙂


  22. Neil Silverthorn 30 maart 2013 om 03:31

    funny infographic, but also accurate!!

  23. Neil Silverthorn 30 maart 2013 om 02:33

    what? Obnoxious Tweeters? Funny but accurate read of the twitosphere.

  24. To Die For Jewellery 30 maart 2013 om 07:12

    Yep – plenty of obnoxious tweeters out there! Excellent Infographic.

  25. David 30 maart 2013 om 20:49

    I like #hashtag

  26. Neale Reimers 1 april 2013 om 20:20

    very funny and true.

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