The 9 Types of Facebook User, what type are you? – an infographic

/, social media, social networks, webhosting, wordpress/The 9 Types of Facebook User, what type are you? – an infographic

The 9 Types of Facebook User, what type are you? – an infographic

The 9 Types of Facebook User, what type are you? – an infographic

We all have those Facebook friends who post status updates about literally everything they do. And how about those people who constantly send you invites to Candy Crush?

Then there’s your mom who just joined Facebook after hearing about it at the neighborhood cookout. Now she’s uploading all of your embarrassing childhood photos and naked baby pictures.

Facebook’s 1.11 billion monthly active users come in all different shapes and sizes. We created this infographic to depict some of the common types of Facebook user you might find on the social network today. Which one are you? Is there a type we left out? Feel free to suggest others in the comments!

The 9 Types of Facebook User, what type are you?

The 9 Types of Facebook User, what type are you?

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18 Reacties

  1. Ruud Reijmerink 29 juli 2013 om 10:28

    Ik zij mij niet omschreven in één van bovenstaande types! 🙂

  2. Detlev Artelt 29 juli 2013 om 10:44

    Lik this kind of Informations – Shared to many networks and if you like I will do a re-Blog as well on my DETart Blog….

    Thx Berrie

  3. Harold Gardner 29 juli 2013 om 11:05

    OK that is a funny look at the FB world. I think I could make a list of some additional ones. What about the politico who makes everything about their unique political point of view, the social cause person who wants everyone to get behind every charitable activity know to mankind, and of course the ever popular troll.

  4. Hansjörg Leichsenring 29 juli 2013 om 11:15

    Intersting Grafic Berrie. Which type are you???

    Cheers from Germany


  5. Aetiyuel Williams 29 juli 2013 om 11:20

    Truly described.. nicely written article.

  6. johnsmall9 29 juli 2013 om 11:52

    Very entertaining, shared!

  7. Jason Wagner 29 juli 2013 om 11:54

    Great post, it was definitely worth the time required for the reading.

  8. RadeBigMan (@RadeBigMan) 29 juli 2013 om 13:06

    Great read, and funny too!

  9. Michael 29 juli 2013 om 13:12

    I think I’m a blend of about four of those!

  10. Esther 29 juli 2013 om 14:06

    really funny, this graphic

  11. Barbara Fariña 29 juli 2013 om 14:58

    I think there are more categories of users

  12. Bryan McDonald 29 juli 2013 om 15:13

    I think I have been the brand promoter mostly but I am guilty of being the stalker, like most people on FB

  13. Ken Danieli 29 juli 2013 om 16:46
  14. Joseph Solares 29 juli 2013 om 17:32

    It is easy to be a few of those types of Facebook users. Great infographic!

  15. Angus Whitton 29 juli 2013 om 21:16

    Very useful infographic, I don’t fall into anyone category however… I don’t find fb at all intuitive and therefore tend to use it only when absolutely necessary.

    I don’t enjoy using it…

  16. Dazza30 29 juli 2013 om 22:28

    I’m the kind of user who just doesn’t have that much to say and is dead set against posting any old rubbish!!

  17. Josh 30 juli 2013 om 00:26

    Such a great infographic. Retweeted. Thanks for sharing

  18. benbrilliant 30 juli 2013 om 03:30

    This is so funny and true!

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