The 80 Rules Of Social Media an infographic

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The 80 Rules Of Social Media an infographic

The 80 Rules Of Social Media an infographic

So you want to get good at social media?

You need to have a plan. A guidebook. A strategy.

You need some rules.

And rule number one? That’s obey the rules. As for rules number two through eighty, check out this fantastic infographic courtesy of Jeremy Waite, head of social strategy at Adobe.

And remember: while you can’t get anything done in the world without rules, sometimes it’s just as important to know exactly when you need to break them.*

The inventor of the web as we know it, Sir Tim Berners-Lee said recently that his next mission was “to bring about world peace”. Seriously. He believes that if people talk to each other, listen and understand each others problems, then they are less likely to shoot each other.

So in order to guide you around the messy world of social media, and bring about world peace in the process, I have compiled this short-ish list of rules…

The 80 Rules Of Social Media an infographic

The 80 Rules Of Social Media an infographic

* But, of course, that’s kinda covered in rule #32.

Source: Jeremywaite


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    Apart from knowing the rules, we need a plan when using social media for our business!


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    Wow, never thought there were so many rules!

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    Very cool list of rules in SM thanks

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    This is fantastic Berrie — very informative, but most importantly most of the tips refer to other tips, keeping the viewer engaged and learning… love it!

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