Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook? – Infographic

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Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook? – Infographic

Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook? – Infographic

We produced this infographic exploring the recent trends for teenagers related to Facebook and Social Media. We all hear anecdotally about the movement of teens to other (often mobile-centric) Social Media platforms.

So what did we discover?

  • For Facebook North American active users numbers are declining
  • The average age of Facebook users has risen from 38 to 41 years old
  • The number of Moms getting on Facebook is rising sharply
  • Teens are increasingly going mobile and Facebook is not their favorite app
  • There are a lot of hot, new apps like Kik Messenger, WhatsApp and SnapChat that are grabbing the attention of teenagers

It’s all displayed below for you in this “hot of the press” infographic. Enjoy and feel free to share or embed using the code below the infographic!

Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook?

Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook?

Source: Rightmixmarketing

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  1. Shakthi Vadakkepat 18 april 2013 om 07:24

    Good one!

  2. Mika Douglas 18 april 2013 om 07:24

    Seems like they are to me.

  3. Jason Wagner 18 april 2013 om 07:57

    Hmm, can't say I'm surprised. People are always shifting and such.

  4. Al Sbom 18 april 2013 om 08:12

    Shared, thank you Berrie.

  5. Heinz Dobernig 18 april 2013 om 08:21

    Great infographic… I am surprised, I don't believe that only 37 % of the teens owned a smartphone… I worked as an instructor for communication and teambuilding in Vienna and my students are teenagers… most of them – I estimate 9 of 10 – have a smartphone! TY Berry for the great stuff, Greetins Heinz.

  6. Rade (@RadeBigMan) 18 april 2013 om 10:41

    Great info as always!

  7. Malcolm Edeson 18 april 2013 om 08:54

    Interesting, for the first time since I rememember I am seeing some friends de-activating their facebook accounts.

  8. Harold Gardner 18 april 2013 om 10:54

    Only 1 in 3 teenagers is embarrassed by parent’s comments on Facebook? I would have thought it was higher. In real life, I am pretty sure that 100% of teenagers are embarrassed by their parent’s comments.

  9. Monica Maria Crapanzano 18 april 2013 om 09:36

    Wow, really shocking! Thanks for the great infographic.

  10. Tom Plamann 18 april 2013 om 09:47

    Changing tides….

  11. Branko Zecevic 18 april 2013 om 10:07

    Interesting to know! Thanks!

  12. Abyd A Sayyd 18 april 2013 om 10:13

    Thanks for the great infographic.

  13. matt 18 april 2013 om 12:27

    Good infographic…looks like they are.

  14. Nadine B Hack 18 april 2013 om 12:40

    I’m not surprised by this trend: teenagers always are one step ahead of the rest of us!

  15. Paul Brugger 18 april 2013 om 11:38

    Excellent Infogrpahic

  16. Sunish Sebastian 18 april 2013 om 11:57

    Interesting! Teens are slowly going away.

  17. Barry Gumm 18 april 2013 om 12:25

    Surprise Surprise – maybe I should re-think and come up with the next online FAD and become a Trillionaire!

  18. Lisa Peterson 18 april 2013 om 16:22

    Kind of sad as Facebook continues to make improvements and I heard they are fixing the quality of their resolution. For social branding, it seems to be the number one choice due to edge ranking. Feel sorry for those promoting products geared towards teens.

  19. Anoniem 19 april 2013 om 07:11

    he 37 per cent of teens using smart phones could be world wide or a specific region. In South Africa that number could be less than 10 per cent while in America that number could be more than 50 per cent.

  20. Otabek Saydikaharov 19 april 2013 om 08:30

    very interesting

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