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9 09, 2013

Can Facebook Graph Search make you Money? an infographic

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Can Facebook Graph Search make you Money? an infographic Facebook’s latest innovation – Graph Search, went live in January. Currently it covers four basic searches but it is expected to expand over the coming years. Graph Search uses the one trillion or so social connections on Facebook to provide relevant and professionalized search results.

11 07, 2011

Google organic search

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Google is phasing out the organic search results for local queries. The impact of this change is that in the long term any site that doesn’t have a physical address in the location that people are searching for will probably no longer be able to rank for local based queries. There are still some sites that are ranking, especially for hotel related keywords, but I’m sure that as this launches Google will be showing a lot more local results and a lot fewer results from the traditional local directory style sites. What is the impact on SEO ?