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1 03, 2013

How The Internet and Social Media has changed the World – infographic

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How The Internet and Social Media has changed the World - infographic. Did you know that there are now close to two and a half billioninternet users across the planet, a rise of more than 500 percent since the year 2000. In these heady, modern times, and thanks to the rise of empowering social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, you can do – and be – anything you like on the internet. All of which has led to global change, huge shifts in ideologies and an ongoing rethink in how we absorb and process information – and what this might mean for the future.

31 07, 2012

Google Internet Traffic

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Google Sets New Internet Traffic Record. In their earnings call last week, Google announced a record 2010 third-quarter revenue of $7.29 billion (up 23% from last year). The market rejoiced and Google shares shot past $615 giving the company a market cap of more than $195 billion. This month, Google broke an equally impressive Internet traffic record — gaining more than 1% of all Internet traffic share since January. If Google were an ISP, as of this month it would rank as the second largest carrier on the planet.

11 04, 2012

Internet trends 2010

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De 10 belangrijke internet trends voor 20102009 was het jaar waarin het internet onveranderd snel bleef doorgroeien. Bijna alle Nederlanders zijn nu bekend met basis internetvaardigheden en het aantal Nederlanders met internettoegang is gestegen naar 93 procent. Het internet groeit niet voor niets; steeds meer gebruikers weten hun weg te vinden op het internet, dat in 2009 nóg toegankelijker en dynamischer werd