Social Networks You Should Care About in 2014?

Social Networks

It’s hard to believe that Facebook will be ten years old this February and yet social media still seems new to many of us. Brands are struggling as much as they ever have done to understand what to do with it, and which networks actually have any real value. I noticed a number of social challenges that brands faced in 2013 but probably the two most common questions I got asked were:

  1. Which social networks should I focus on?
  2. How much of my time and resources should I allocate to each one?

The answers to these questions are not as complicated as people often think, but neither is there correct answer to either of them. Many people have written blog posts suggesting that they have the answer – but rather than add my own opinions to that long list, I thought I’d just look at the data to see where the world seems to have been spending it’s time over the last 12 years.

Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014 WordPress SEO Hosting. Which social networks should I focus on. social media still seems new to many of us.

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The figures
I’ve purposely focused here on the total number of user profiles for each network*. I did this purely for the sake of comparison (rather than daily / monthly active users), so before anyone bursts a blood vessel and calls me out in the comments, let’s save the messy debate around active v inactive fans for another time. All I want to do here is look at which social networks people have chosen to join over the last decade or so.

“All of this is very interesting, but just because these appear to be the world’s largest networks, still doesn’t mean you should be paying attention to them…”

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