49 Social Media Management and Influence Measurement Tools

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49 Social Media Management and Influence Measurement Tools

49 Social Media Management and Influence Measurement Tools

49 Social Media Management and Influence Measurement Tools

49 Social Media Management and Influence Measurement Tools

Social Media Management
 is the business related function of managing multiple social media channels for the purposes of marketing communication, reputation protection, and customer acquisition.

The practice utilizes the internet technology of social media to talk directly to individual customers and create a level of brand involvement and loyalty not possible with traditional media strategies.

It reaches beyond marketing and into functions such as sales, human resources, and project management.

Social Media Management was not formerly introduced in the workplace until late 2007, as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter grew to extremely large user counts.

It’s importance became more universally recognized for its effectiveness during the 2008 presidential election in which Barack Obama was able to mobilize a massive proportion of young population using a far reaching social media campaign.

Twitter and Facebook were used to mobilize young voters and several debates were held using questions posed in the form of YouTube videos.

Empire Avenue: A game platform where you earn virtual currency for being social. Empire Avenue is a stock market simulation social network game that allows users to buy and sell shares of people and websites.

Klout: Measure influence and style Klout is a visual, logical way to quickly see the main thing most organizations want to know about Twitter: where you stand against the competition.

Kred: We all have Kred somewhere. Kred, created by PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by affinities

SocialChiefs: The weekly chart of the network leaders. Social Chiefs publishes Weekly Charts of The Network Leaders around the world. New Charts are published weekly on friday afternoon (CET).

PeerIndex: Assess your online social capital. Where Klout was accessible and easy to decipher, I found PeerIndex a bit better.

Twitalyzer: A subscription-model tool Twitalyzer operates mainly on a subscription model, but gives away some basic features for free.

TweetStats: Graph your stats! Tweetstats remains true to its name, as it compiles a bar graph for quick viewing of your monthly stats.

Pinreach: PinReach, LLC (Formerly PinClout) is a fresh new startup created by Chris Fay (Chris Fay Consulting, LLC) and Daniel Schimpfoessl (PureField, LLC), focusing on bringing insight and analytics to Pinterest. We both felt that beneath the fun of Pinterest lay a powerful platform, one that if leveraged well could prove quite the upper hand for people and brands. We set off to create a new service offering valued insight into the activity on the site, launching initially with the PinReach score, a numeric representation of a member’s Pinterest influence based on a series of social attributes.

Crowdbooster: Schedule and analyze. Of all the applications I used, Crowdbooster was my personal favorite.

TweetGrader: Score your profile. Part of a suite of free online marketing tools powered by HubSpot, Tweet Grader is a straightforward tool that measures the power of your Twitter profile.

TweetReach: Insight into your tweets. Ever wondered about the value of a tweet? With Tweet Reach, you can get analytics that measure the impact of social media conversations.

Postrank: Intelligence from the social web The social web connects people where they share, critique and interact with content and each other. PostRank is the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry.

Pinpuff :Pinfluence is measure of your popularity, influence and reach on Pinterest. It also decides monetary value of your pins & traffic your pins generate.
We are doing some really cool stuff around Pinterest and first 1000 beta users will get exclusive invite to try out our experiments with Pinterest well before it is opened for all.

Twentyfeet: Check your track. TwentyFeet is an “egotracking” service that will help you keep track of your own social media activities and monitor your results. We aggregate metrics from different services, thus giving you the full picture of what happens around you on the web – all in one place.

SproutSocial: Super-charge your company’s social media efforts. Sprout Social builds powerful, intuitive social media management tools used by thousands of businesses across the globe. We help businesses delight their audience and get real value from their social efforts.

Twylah: Get a custom brand page for your tweets. Twylah exists to drive deeper engagement with your Twitter followers.

MyWebCareer: Discover, Evaluate, and Monitor Your Professional Online Brand. Enables you to uncover and evaluate your digital footprint. It’s a great networking tool and is useful when exploring the way your social profiles connect across the Web to create an overall picture of yourself or your business.

Top Social Media Management Tools

  • TweetDeck is your best (and free) bet if you’re looking to manage all your personal social media profiles. TweetDeck allows you to connect across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google Buzz. You can update all or just a few with the same status at one time.
  • HootSuite – Social media dashboard for managing social content and engagement on multiple networks with team workflow and statistics.
  • CoTweet is an excellent tool for small businesses or divisions of larger businesses that spread social media duties among team members and have a customer-service approach to engagement.
  • SpredFast For agencies managing social media for several companies with high ROI demands, SpredFast has everything you need.
  • Engage121 Franchise companies looking to maintain consistent messaging while giving local branches a hand in social media strategy should give Engage121 a shot. Though its competitors are few, Engage121 is best in its class at encompassing monitoring, broadcasting and engagement.
  • ManageFlitter: A great tool for easily managing your followers and who you are following. You can even link your Google+ account to your Twitter account. Also use it to find out which inactive accounts you follow, as well as search inside your Twitter stream.  I love ManageFlitter as it helps me see who is active/inactive out of my followers and use ManageFlitter regularly.
  • Social Oomph  My favourite tool to send recurring scheduled tweets.  A great time saver and you can use it on multiple accounts too.  Has various other features like purging your inbox, auto-following but I tend to use Social Oomph just for the scheduling of recurring tweets.
  • Ubervu uberVU is the only end-to-end social intelligence dashboard that covers all 4 social media value pillars: Monitoring, Analytics & ReportingEngagement, Workflow.
  • Pagelever is a tool that takes Facebook Insights and adds more analytics—like how many of your fans are using mobile devices.
  • Shoutlet – Manages social media marketing communications with one platform for building, engaging and measuring social media. Includes multiple account and platform support, social CRM and ecommerce for Facebook, email marketing and mobile features.
  • Tweetspinner Our Web-based app increases your Twitter productivity. Automatically de-spam/archive your DM inbox. Use our scheduler to archive all of your Direct Messages to our system.
  • Sysomos Sysomos is redefining social media analytics by giving corporations, marketers, public relations agencies and advertisers the intelligence and insight needed to make smarter business and strategic decisions.
  • Direct Message Lab – Provides consulting, implementation and a platform (REACH) for centralized management of social media promotions & contests, advertising and measurement.
  • Objective Marketer – Offers social media marketing and analytics with integrated campaign management (Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, YouTube), multi-channel execution, engagement reports and user management.
  • Wildfire Interactive – Platform for easy creation, implementation and management of branded interactive campaigns including: sweepstakes, contests and give-aways.
  • StrongMail Social Studio – Comprehensive social media marketing platform with a referral marketing platform, social sharing tool and campaign management application. (Disclosure: StrongMail is a TopRank client)
  • Sprout – Cloud-based visual authoring software used to build interactive Engage Ads and Engage Apps that deliver rich, interactive, and social content across the web and mobile devices.
  • Spredfast – Enterprise social media management system that allows an organization to manage, monitor, and measure its voices across multiple social media channels. Also offers a white label option for agencies.
  • socialTALK – allows brands to create (text, photos, videos), manage (customize workflow & approval process), publish (single source, scheduled publishing to multiple platforms) and measure (aggregated analytics dashboard) their content strategy and posting schedule.
  • Crowd Factory – Suite of social media marketing tools include Social Campaign, that enables marketers to acquire new customers through simple social gestures and custom social marketing campaigns while easily tracking ROI.
  • Awareness – Social marketing hub that centralizes social media content publishing, management, measurement and engagement. Also includes access to 7 white-labeled, best practice social networking applications.
  • @this moment – Built on the @this moment platform, DEC is a system for managing a brand’s presence across multiple online environments combining multimedia UGC, and a variety of real-time inputs which are distributed across social platforms including YouTube Brand Channels, Facebook Fan Pages, MySpace Brand Communities & the iPhone.
  • MediaFunnel – Offers a Business Social Media platform for Facebook and Twitter supporting multiple users per profile and editorial review. Includes monitoring and integrates with Salesforce.com.
  • Virtue – Works with clients and agencies through a Social Relationship Management (SEM) platform offering Facebook tabs & applications, a publishing feature for Facebook & Twitter and mobile solutions.
  • Sprinklr – Social media marketing platform and consulting services for consumer & B2B marketers as well as agencies. Provides social media audience research, acquisition, content promotion and measurement tools.
  • Janrain – Web based platform of tools including: Engage to make it easy for users to connect a site with their social networks, Federate to facilitate navigation across multiple web properties & partner sites with a single log-in (currently supports 16 networks), Capture to leverage user data for personalized experiences.
  • Sprout Social – Affordable social media dashboard, monitoring, team workflow, influencer and contact management, performance metrics and daily or weekly email summaries. Supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and Foursquare.
  • Sendible – Social media marketing platform that supports 30+ networks & services offering management of: accounts/profiles, messages & content, social contacts, content discovery, engagement, blog content & promotion, monitoring and analytics. Also offers a white label version for agencies.
  • KickApps – Self service social media web site authoring and social content management system system supporting video, social networking, social graph & activity streams, apps & analytics. Enables web publishers and marketers to develop branded communities, social applications and interactive widgets on their websites and across the social web. Solutions for small and large business.
  • Postling – Local business social media marketing platform to create content, stay organized and reach customers. Currently free for small business or personal use.
  • pop.to Social Marketing –  A social marketing suite, including feed-enabled social gestures and widgets, social dashboard, segmentation tools, influencer identification, conversion tracking and built-in friend casting.
  • Seesmic – Web and desktop tools to manage social marketing activity on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Google Buzz and Linkedin plus a plug-in marketplace for more social management options.

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