The Growth and Obsession of Social Media Management an infographic

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The Growth and Obsession of Social Media Management an infographic

Social Media Management: The Growth and Obsession of Social Media an infographic

Say what you will about the tidal wave that is social media management: it’s over-hyped, a fad halfway through its 15 minutes, that <insert social network, platform, app> surely won’t be around in a few years’ time.

But take a look below at the steep curve of the user growth rate in all age ranges and demographics, and the continuing pervasiveness of social networking into every facet of work, play and life in general. It’s hard to argue that social media hasn’t changed forever how we interact and connect online.

Social Media Management

In August 2011, Search Engine Journal published an infographic on the Growth of Social Media Management.

The Growth and Obsession of Social Media Management an infographic

Today, over 2 years later, we’ve created an updated version. Social media Management has transitioned into an obsession and almost a way of life for online culture, changing the way we communicate with our colleagues, loved ones, and our favorite brands.

As social media continues to grow in almost every market, the idea that social media is “just a fad” is no longer worth consideration as more and more demographics move toward utilizing social media on an every day basis.

The Growth and Obsession of Social Media Management an infographic

Source: Searchenginejournal

Summarizes the main players in the social networking world. The following numbers are the total users for each individual platform:

  • Facebook 1.15 Billion+ total users
  • Twitter 500 million+ total users
  • Google Plus 500 million+ total users
  • LinkedIn 238 million total users
  • Instagram 130 million total users
  • Pinterest 70 million+ total users

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  1. Berrie Pelser 4 december 2013 om 16:31

    The Growth and Obsession of Social Media Management an infographic – /@BerriePelser – #SEO

    • Jamie 4 december 2013 om 19:04

      I love it – this is fantastic. Great job

  2. jimwirshing 4 december 2013 om 16:37

    That gives some great historical perspective, along with current data.

  3. AngusW 4 december 2013 om 16:38

    Brilliant work – as always!

    This is very useful to anyone in business – thank you for a really neat piece of research – presented in a way that anyone can understand!

  4. dougwo 4 december 2013 om 16:43

    Wonderful stuff. Keep it coming!

  5. Harold Gardner 4 december 2013 om 17:02

    Some really intriguing numbers out there. I am amazed by the ubiquity of Facebook from Great-grandparents to kids. My extended family has a group where folks exchange photos and happenings. What I am a bit less clear on is the best way to exploit this for businesses. Seems nascent and a bit clumsy still today.

    • Berrie Pelser 4 december 2013 om 17:22

      Thx! @haroldgardner:disqus yes it is amzaing!

  6. Mithu Hassan 4 december 2013 om 17:10

    Wonderful infographic !! As always great things !!!

  7. Gerry DUnn 4 december 2013 om 17:14

    Fabulous! As more and more companies understand the importance of social media – management will become a larger and larger segment of the business…..

  8. Alain Thai 7s 4 december 2013 om 17:24

    Full of infos here… Thanks so much Berrie!

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  10. Tammi Kibler 4 december 2013 om 17:52

    Social media can only grow in influence as more people become daily users.

  11. real7a 4 december 2013 om 17:53

    Looks nice and promising, what is the grows limit estimate at least in time?

  12. lacouvee 4 december 2013 om 17:55

    it is ubiquitous and I wonder sometimes as to how work in the “real” (not online) world will get done with people addicted to their smart phones. Who will take the time to volunteer, chat face-to-face with their family members, and do housework? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge user of social media, and it has definitely changed my life (met my husband on Twitter and at Social Media Club, for instance), but sometimes I long for peace, quiet and a lessening of the pace we’ve set ourselves.

    I also worry about the people we exclude (and I’m not only talking about people in an older demographic).

    • Berrie Pelser 4 december 2013 om 18:19

      But you can find a good mix maybe? 😉

  13. Jim Neal 4 december 2013 om 18:00

    Very Interesting, full of great info. A lot of those stats are hard to conceptualize until you see the visual. Great presentation!

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    despite the issue of losing teens, facebook is still going strong!

  30. terrinakamura 5 december 2013 om 10:24

    The meteoric rise of Googleplus is amazing, especially when you consider it’s been around for such a short time. Great infographic, Berrie. Thanks for putting it together.

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