Top Social Media Performance Influence Measurement Tools

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Top Social Media Performance Influence Measurement Tools

17 Social Media Performance Influence Measurement Tools

01 TrustCloud
TrustCloud measures your virtuous online behaviors and transactions online then turns it into portable TrustScore you can use anywhere within the Sharing Economy.

02 Empire Avenue:
A game platform where you earn virtual currency for being social Empire Avenue is a stock market simulation social network game that allows users to buy and sell shares of people and websites.

03 Klout:
Measure influence and style Klout is a visual, logical way to quickly see the main thing most organizations want to know about Twitter: where you stand against the competition.

04 Kred:
We all have Kred somewhere Kred, created by PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by affinities

05 SocialChiefs:
The weekly chart of the network leaders Social Chiefs publishes Weekly Charts of The Network Leaders around the world. New Charts are published weekly on friday afternoon (CET).

06 PeerIndex:
Assess your online social capital Where Klout was accessible and easy to decipher, I found PeerIndex a bit better.

07 Twitalyzer:
A subscription-model tool Twitalyzer operates mainly on a subscription model, but gives away some basic features for free.

08 TweetStats:
Graph your stats! Tweetstats remains true to its name, as it compiles a bar graph for quick viewing of your monthly stats.

09 Crowdbooster:
Schedule and analyze Of all the applications I used, Crowdbooster was my personal favorite.

10 TweetGrader:
Score your profile Part of a suite of free online marketing tools powered by HubSpot, Tweet Grader is a straightforward tool that measures the power of your Twitter profile.

11 TweetReach:
Insight into your tweets Ever wondered about the value of a tweet? With Tweet Reach, you can get analytics that measure the impact of social media conversations.

12 Postrank:
Intelligence from the social web The social web connects people where they share, critique and interact with content and each other. PostRank is the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry.

13 Twentyfeet:
Check your track TwentyFeet is an “egotracking” service that will help you keep track of your own social media activities and monitor your results. We aggregate metrics from different services, thus giving you the full picture of what happens around you on the web – all in one place.

14 SproutSocial:
Super-charge your company’s social media efforts. Sprout Social builds powerful, intuitive social media management tools used by thousands of businesses across the globe. We help businesses delight their audience and get real value from their social efforts.

15 Twylah:
Get a custom brand page for your tweets. Twylah exists to drive deeper engagement with your Twitter followers.

16 MyWebCareer:
Discover, Evaluate, and Monitor Your Professional Online Brand. Enables you to uncover and evaluate your digital footprint. It’s a great networking tool and is useful when exploring the way your social profiles connect across the Web to create an overall picture of yourself or your business.

Connect.Me helps people and businesses get the most out of their social reputation. Connect.Me is the first app of the Respect Network, a P2P cloud network that puts users back in control of their digital identities, reputation, and data.


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