Social Media and the Growth of E-Commerce – infographic

/, social media, social networks, wordpress/Social Media and the Growth of E-Commerce – infographic

Social Media and the Growth of E-Commerce – infographic

Social Media And The Growth Of E-Commerce – infographic

Did you know that e-commerce, which already accounts for 8 percent of all retail states in the U.S., is expected to outpace sales growth at brick-and-mortar stores over the next 5 years, reaching an incredible $370 billion by 2017?

Social media is playing its part, too – sales of physical goods through social networks is pegged to grow at a furious pace over the next few years, with some $14 billion of U.S. sales expected to be accountable to social media by 2015.

This infographic takes a closer look at the growth of e-commerce.

Social Media And The Growth Of E-Commerce

Social Media And The Growth Of E-Commerce

(Source: Blue Polo InteractiveShopping cart image via Shutterstock.)


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  1. Bridie Christopher 7 mei 2013 om 07:31

    Great information here.

  2. Daniel Imbellino 7 mei 2013 om 07:32

    Great info graphics, thanks! This provides a good visualization of E-commerce.

  3. Barry Gumm 7 mei 2013 om 07:34

    Great work as usual Barrie.

  4. Goldschmiede Plaar 7 mei 2013 om 07:37

    online shopping is getting really popular.

  5. Laurel Klem 7 mei 2013 om 07:41

    Great info, nice to see I'm right on track with the graphics.

  6. Louis H Uffmire 7 mei 2013 om 07:42

    great visualisation, Berrie.

  7. Veranda 7 mei 2013 om 09:46

    Very useful post! Keep up the pace!

  8. Mariam 7 mei 2013 om 10:15

    Useful infographics. Social media is, no doubt, playing a very significant role in increase in e-commerce. The kind of impact this will have on physical stores is yet to be seen.

  9. Pieter Collier 7 mei 2013 om 08:20

    OK for the US, but do we have figures of South-Korea, Japan, China, India… Somehow I believe those graphs will be much more impressive!

  10. Artrotter 7 mei 2013 om 10:32

    Great info. quite impressive to see the future development of E-commerce. Thank you

  11. Paul Brugger 7 mei 2013 om 08:33

    Excellent infographic, thanks.

  12. Casey Fahey 7 mei 2013 om 08:34

    It's so ironic to see 2009 as being so tiny…

  13. Branko Zecevic 7 mei 2013 om 08:48

    Interesting info to know! Thanks Berrie Pelser! 🙂

  14. Matt Di Geronimo 7 mei 2013 om 08:57

    Great work…very useful and innovative. Thanks.

  15. Andrew V Lambie 7 mei 2013 om 09:00

    Interesting Stats – I wonder what will happen in regards to e-commerce if the U.S. govt has its way with the Internet?

  16. Jericho Demos 7 mei 2013 om 09:04

    I like this this is so interesting info.

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  18. Mithu Hassan 7 mei 2013 om 09:37

    Great – infographic.

  19. Harold Gardner 7 mei 2013 om 14:58

    It has been interesting to watch ecommerce grow from nothing into a potent force. I wonder here in the US if the internet sales tax will have an impact on the acceleration of ecommerce growth.

  20. Ben Heys 7 mei 2013 om 14:37

    yep, it's easy to see that so much of our commerce is moving online.

  21. Cic Ben 7 mei 2013 om 14:40

    that's quite a significant change!

  22. Rado Matczuk 7 mei 2013 om 16:13

    great info, shared!

  23. Sunish Sebastian 7 mei 2013 om 18:53

    Very interesting infographic Berrie Pelser.

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    shared to G+ and other…. Thx Berrie

  25. Walter Wässa 7 mei 2013 om 20:41

    Excellent infographic, thanks.

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    Interesting infos form infographic, thank you.

  27. Kelvin Myles 8 mei 2013 om 02:04

    Interesting graphs – especially the mobile one.

  28. Alicia Thibadeau 8 mei 2013 om 07:10

    Great infographic, great website!

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