Is your Smartphone Spying on You? #infographic

/, social networks/Is your Smartphone Spying on You? #infographic

Is your Smartphone Spying on You? #infographic

Is your Smartphone Spying on You? #infographic

A smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone.

Up late studying? Use your phone to find the nearest double espresso and maybe even pay for it. Location-based services make life easy, but what’s the tradeoff? Software on phones across the U.S. is tracking user actions. Smartphone apps share user information with marketers to help their partners create targeted advertising. Still, that hasn’t stopped the advance of location-based services, with smartphone owners most of all.

Location-based apps can be especially useful for college — they help students explore their campus and meet and make friends. LBS apps also build a marketplace where they can sell, buy or barter everything from bikes to tickets to tutoring.

Is your Smartphone Spying on You? #infographic

Is your Smartphone Spying on You? #infographic

Is your Smartphone Spying on You? #infographic

Source: Onlinecolleges

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  1. Terri Nakamura 29 november 2012 om 10:11

    Berrie, Thank you for sharing this infographic, Some of it is actually quite creepy.

    But I think a large number of people are at least SOMEWHAT aware of what they are doing with their smart phones. Part of the “exchange” when using “free” applications is the generation and acquisition of user data.

    Who ultimately ends up with the data is probably not considered by most people, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being taken completely by surprise that data is being gathered and used.

    Thanks again,


  2. Claudiu Clau 29 november 2012 om 09:18

    smartphone owners, in the "context era"… everything is possible 🙂 contextual phones will "do" that "work" 🙂

  3. EA Leaders 29 november 2012 om 09:21

    Yep,… It's true, not spying when the battery is removed. 😉 Thank you Berrie.

  4. Olga Ermakova 29 november 2012 om 09:26


  5. John Smiths 29 november 2012 om 09:48

    Hope this is the limit of their eavesdropping capabilities.

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