small business: 10 reasons why small business can’t ignore social media

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If your company (small business) is feeling a bit skeptical about Social Media Marketing, and whether or not it’s worth the effort, then the below infographic highlights 10 reasons why it may be working better than you realise.

From apps to social media to mobile payment processing, doing business in the digital age means staying on top of new trends in technology. But with so many trends to keep track of, it’s easy for businesses to get lost in the shuffle.

10 reasons why small business can't ignore social media, an infographic

Source: Jasonsquiresonline

If you follow what’s happening in email and social media, you know 2014 will be a banner year for small businesses that embrace the major shifts currently underway. So, while your competition is busy sipping eggnog, take a closer look at the following five predictions and learn how you can use them to your advantage.

Mobile will separate entrepreneurs from wantrepreneurs. Now that there are more smartphones on the planet than people and 80 percent of smartphone owners say it’s extremely important to be able to read emails on their mobile devices, you simply can’t afford to phone in your mobile strategy. Instead, ensure customers can easily read your email, get information about your business, make purchases, and forward relevant content to their friends – all on their smartphone.

  1. Multi-channel marketing. This simply means that small business owners will take what they’ve learned from single-channel email, social media and mobile marketing strategies and combine them to more effectively engage customers on the channel and platform of their choice.
  2. Applying Big Data insights will pay off. Small business owners will rely more on Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, email analytics, and sales receipts to better understand when to send an email, which headlines are most effective and the type of content that will produce the most shares on social media.
  3. Daily deals Darwinism will prove offers do work. The consumers’ love of offers versus the small business owners’ trepidation about them will find a happy medium.
  4. Visual storytelling. Social networks like Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube prove the power of visual storytelling, while new networks like Snapchat, Instagram and Kik reinforce the consumer demand for sharing visual content.

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