How to Rock your Social Media in 30 minutes a day – infographic

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How to Rock your Social Media in 30 minutes a day – infographic

How to Rock your Social Media in 30 minutes a day – infographic

With a defined social media strategy in place, marketers can rock social media in 30 minutes a day.

Sound too good to be true? It is actually possible if your daily use of social media is built upon a well-developed social media strategy. But, a strong social media strategy does not mean that your brand has to be on every single social media channel out there. Instead, focus on the social media channels that the majority of your customers frequent.

The infographic below explains how having an over-arching social media strategy in place can save you time and make you a more effective social media strategist. This great infographic was developed by the talented Matt Wesson, a Marketing Content Specialist at the marketing automation company Pardot. It focuses on a six channel social media strategy, and how you can build engaged communities around your brand in as little as 30 minutes a day.

So how should you allocate your time on each channel? Well the  infographic breaks the recommended 30 minutes down as follows:

How to Rock your Social Media in 30 minutes a day

How to Rock your Social Media in 30 minutes a day

Source: Socialmediatoday

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