Protect Your Privacy On Facebook Timeline

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Protect Your Privacy On Facebook Timeline

Protect Your Privacy On Facebook Timeline

Protect Your Privacy On Facebook Timeline

Protect Your Privacy On Facebook Timeline

People worry that timeline will put their entire lives on display or require a seemingly infinite amount of time to customize. Neither of these has to be true! Timeline will become mandatory for all users on Facebook over the coming weeks.

When it hits your profile, you’ll have seven days to change your privacy settings or they’ll default to ones set by Facebook.

You don’t have to go through every single item shown on the timeline to hide them. You can set a default level of visibility by clicking on the down arrow in the uppermost right-hand corner of any screen on Facebook and clicking on privacy settings in the pulldown menu.

Scroll down on the resulting page, and you’ll see that the second-to-last item says “limit the audience for past posts,” and to the right of them are the words are the linked “manage past post visibility.” Click on the link and a pop-up window appears.

Read more on: AllAboutFacebook

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