Perform SEO on Your Website With Social Media an Infographic

/, social media, social networks, wordpress/Perform SEO on Your Website With Social Media an Infographic

Perform SEO on Your Website With Social Media an Infographic

Perform SEO on Your Website With Social Media an Infographic

Would you like to maximize SEO on your website with social media?

SEO plays a key role in driving website traffic. In order to search engine optimize your website, you need to make your website content, search engine friendly, and build backlinks that increase your site’s credibility. Optimizing content on your website itself can be a simple step, but building quality backlinks from other websites is a difficult job.

You will either need to invest a lot of time building them yourself, or hire an expert to do it.

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  1. Tom Mack 8 oktober 2013 om 16:34

    Well done, thanks

  2. djdaniel 8 oktober 2013 om 16:37

    It seems that those with a higher social presence and fllowing do tend to rank higher. Definitely a great guide you put together, thank you!

  3. Eric Penn 8 oktober 2013 om 16:39

    Thanks for laying it this info so well!

  4. Edward Ramm 8 oktober 2013 om 18:10

    Excellent work on this share.

  5. Branko Zecevic 8 oktober 2013 om 20:29

    Thanks for the tips Berrie!
    Participation in social media impacts SEO for sure. It depends also on quality of content too. If content is good then sharing is easy for anyone. In fact it’s a natural link building.

  6. Gord 8 oktober 2013 om 21:43

    Very compelling data. I really need to find a way to exploit this kind of information and opportunity.

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    Great info. Thanks!

  9. Perunxxl 9 oktober 2013 om 00:09

    Really useful data. Social signals gain weight with every Google update …

  10. Susan 9 oktober 2013 om 15:37

    Thanks for the info re the relationship between social media and SEO. I really need to become more involved in social media. Your post will encourage me to do so.

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  11. CC Cameras 10 oktober 2013 om 14:41

    Great Information. Keep on sharing..

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