Who Owns your Social Media, an Infographic

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Who Owns your Social Media, an Infographic

Who Owns your Social Media, an Infographic

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Social Media: You might be surprised to know that five main companies, the biggest of those companies being Facebook – dominate the world of social media. Aside from the infamous Facebook website and mobile app, Facebook also owns Instagram and Whatsapp. In total Facebook.com is worth over $190 billion – it was founded in 2004, and has over 1 billion monthly users globally. Instagram and Whatsapp swell Facebook’s global monthly user figures to close to two billion – that’s just crazy!

Next on the list is the mighty Google – they own the Google Plus platform, along with YouTube, which Google purchased back in 2006. Google has a combined total of 1.54 billion active monthly users.

The third biggest name in the world of social media is Twitter, with 271 million active monthly users. LinkedIn follows twitter, with 187 million active monthly users, and finally Yahoo (who own Flickr and Tumblr).

Social media startups are still coming thick and fast, with the latest trend being image sharing. Sites like Pinterest and We Heart It are becoming increasingly popular – as are websites and apps like Snapchat, Ask FM and Kik messenger. Although these sites are universally popular, they appeal more to younger age brackets, key demographics in the battle for social media users.

Facebook tried to woo Snapchat – like they did with Instagram and Whatsapp– but the $3 billion offered by Facebook to the app’s owners was rejected. Social media is big business, but most of the deals and handshakes go on behind the scenes – leaving social media users to share, Like, tweet, reblog and publish their innermost thoughts in peace.

Next time you’re tweeting, or Whatsapping with you friends, just remember who really owns social media! These websites and applications don’t just exist – big companies invest heavily in them to increase their reach and influence, and of course to turn a profit.

Who Owns your Social Media, an Infographic

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  1. Shahidul Alam 24 september 2014 om 16:10

    A more interesting question is, how does the user wrest control back from the big companies.

  2. Busted 25 september 2014 om 12:28

    Good question Shahidul, you can’t control. You’re talking big companies, people with big money can know everything about anyone they want anytime they want.

  3. Roue 7 oktober 2014 om 00:53

    Love the infographic!It just about sums everything there is to know about social media, that is. It’s amazing how almost all social media sites and apps can be narrowed down to just a handful of big players. Still, that’s so much better than Facebook or Google monopolizing everything!

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