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My XeeMe Story – Social Presence Management at Its Best

My XeeMe Story – Social Presence Management at Its Best

Vandaag wil ik het hebben over social media management, en hoe ik dit gebruik.

In 2010 kreeg van een online vriend het advies een te kijken naar XeeMe. Op deze website kan je al je socialmedia profielen laten zien op een pagina. Geweldig idee, nu hoeft je maar een knop op je website te zetten die wijst naar als je socialmedia profielen. Dus ik ben meteen aan de slag gegaan niet wetende wat er allemaal nog ging komen. Vandaag de dag heeft XeeMe meer dan 1 miljoen leden.


My XeeMe Story – Social Presence Management at Its Best

Dus in plaats van al mijn social media te noemen, verwijs ik nu alleen nog maar naar mijn XeeMe profiel:

hier staat mijn volledige online aanwezigheid.

Na een email van Axel Schultze, CEO of XeeMe, in 2011 over de ondersteuning van Google+ ging het snel en groeide XeeMe hard. Er kwamen leuke instructie video’s van Wayne Ulery, en Mick Say en al mijn social media profielen groeide met XeeMe mee.

Het is te veel om hier op te noemen wat er vandaag de dag allemaal kan met XeeMe, zoals een Social Management Tool, Flights maar de belangrijkste XeeMe Buzz


XeeMe is een team! Vorig jaar hebben we samen een project gedaan:

“Digital Sunrise Europe” samen met Axel Schultze (Founder & CEO of XeeMe), Marita Roebkes (Co-Founder of XeeMe) en 300 andere vrijwilligers waar we een voor afgesproken #tag in vier landen trending gemaakt hebben. Uiteindelijk was het internationale bereik 100 miljoen!

XeeMe Buzz

XeeMe Buzz is het nieuwste system waar ik zeer nauw mee betrokken ben, dit is nu nog in Beta maar wordt zeer binnenkort gelanceerd. Vergeet Google Adsense en vergeet Facebook adds er is nu XeeMe Buzz. Met XeeMe Buzz kan je (als je Buzz Master bent) een campagne maken en via social media shares (zeer grote) online aanwezigheid creëren.

Het grote voordeel van XeeMe Buzz is dat Social Media Shares veel meer doen als een Google Adsense click, er is een backlink, de campagne kan 2 maanden lopen, de shares blijven bestaan ook maanden later, en er is veel meer interactie mogelijk.

Maandag 05 augustus viert XeeMe zijn 2e verjaardag, dus gefeliciteerd! 🙂

The culture of the XeeMe community
XeeMe_BrandFor me the culture of XeeMe is defined by professionalism in social media presence management, as well as social interaction between people around the world, and that there are no strangers at the first place at the XeeMe community. Do not get me wrong, it is not only a network of people hanging around for leisure. There are many business professionals there. The XeePl (that’s how I call our community) are co-laborative, co-creating, and co-buzzing from all over the world. We are supporting each other by recommending one another, sharing our contents and helping out with any question. I have asked a few XeePl how they see the culture of XeeMe. Here is what they said. Daniel Bachmann from Switzerland wrote “I think the culture is diverse, open and integrated.” or Steven Healey from UK mentioned “XeeMe is an inclusive mutually supportive community with a depth of expertise rivaled by very few online networks.”

The relationships at XeeMe
I have found like minded people from Australia to Zimbawe and many of them I call my XeeMe_ntnfriends, even we have not met in real life so far. As I went out with the attitude of finding friends, I was surprised that I got into business relationships after a short time period too. Some of us started to collaborate on a huge project called “Digital Sunrise Europe” and we still work on it. I met Axel Schultze (Founder & CEO of XeeMe), Marita Roebkes (Co-Founder of XeeMe), Olaf Kracht (CEO of OK! Kommunikation), and Florian Gottschall (CEO of Sommerrecords) personally at the exhibition “Internet World” in Munich/Germany. I also managed to get XeePl together with other business people from around the globe and they are currently negotiating business proposals.

Personal branding with XeeMe
Many of the XeeMe Powernetworkers are highly connected, well known and highly XeeMe-Avatarx200influential social media users. Some of them are international renowed social media strategists and consultants. As I got onboard the “XeeMe Social Media Strategists Bus”, many very skilled specialists would get in contact to me. I had not much to do, it simply happened – I got recommended. Today I get found by experts in marketing, advertising, finances, social media and many other functions from all around the globe. The positioning as member of this great network led me to new training and consulting assignments in marketing management and social media management.


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  1. Marion O'Connell 3 augustus 2013 om 10:41

    Well done from a new member already reaping the rewards!

  2. Jason Wagner 3 augustus 2013 om 10:48

    Great story! I’m practically sold on the product that is XeeMe, now!

  3. Terri Nakamura 3 augustus 2013 om 10:54

    It’s difficult to think it’s been two years since the creation of XeeMe. It feels like XeeMee has always existed. It’s a terrific concept to gather all social channels to one place and you’ve provided a valuable service. Congratulations to all who had a hand in creating XeeMee! May there be many more years to come!

  4. RadeBigMan (@RadeBigMan) 3 augustus 2013 om 11:57

    Happy Birthday XeeMe!!! I have joined well over a year ago, check it out

  5. Harold Gardner 3 augustus 2013 om 12:05

    Seems to be a solid tool that I should probably spend some more time managing.

  6. Bobby Lundmark 3 augustus 2013 om 12:28

    Happy Birthday to Xeeme – Maybe it’s about time I use it 🙂

  7. TFH 3 augustus 2013 om 12:37

    Great tool – I use it daily

  8. Dirk Talamasca 3 augustus 2013 om 12:46

    I have an account but I haven’t set it up completely. I know that it is a great tool. I have just been swamped lately.

  9. Jonathan 3 augustus 2013 om 13:41

    Happy 2nd Birthday XeeMe!

  10. Nick 3 augustus 2013 om 14:10

    Ik ben onlangs ook aan XeeMe begonnen. Ik vind het een uitstekende tool om al je netwerken op te sommen, alleen vind ik het juist daarom (onoverzichtelijkheid) niet in elke instantie geschikt als online visitekaartje.

  11. X 3 augustus 2013 om 14:31

    Happy 2nd!

  12. Hansjörg Leichsenring 3 augustus 2013 om 14:38

    Great Story Berrie

    Thanks a lot

    Enjoy the WE

    Cheers from Germany


  13. Maria E. Hill 3 augustus 2013 om 14:40

    XeeMe is one of the better social media consolidating services out there. Congratulations on 2 years in business.

  14. Roger Koplenig 3 augustus 2013 om 21:47

    Hey Berrie,

    thank you very much for linking to my blog and my XeeMe story.

    I’m currently translating my XeeMe story to German. Will go online today or tomorrow.


  15. Laurinda Handlik (@LaurindaNYIntro) 3 augustus 2013 om 23:45

    Impressive 🙂

  16. Michael 4 augustus 2013 om 05:12

    Congrats Berrie! Your story demonstrates that online social connections (XeeMe in particular) can transcend beyond the Internet and bring people together in “real life”, regardless of their background, geographical location, etc.

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