Why Your Marketing Needs to Be More Attractive to Women an infographic

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Why Your Marketing Needs to Be More Attractive to Women an infographic

Why Your Marketing Needs to Be More Attractive to Women an infographic


Is your marketing geared more toward men or toward women? If you said “men,” you are ignoring the gender with more purchasing power. After all, according to Women’s Marketing Inc., women control 85% of the purchasing in the United States.

On average, consumers today use 10.4 sources of information to influence purchase decisions. Strategic media planning is critical to making your brand stand out.

The following infographic by Text Marketer highlights 10 solid reasons why your business needs to be more attractive to women.

One of the biggest reasons to engage women is that 92% of females will pass on information about deals. Need to reach people far and wide? Turn to the feminine population.

Women especially love their mobiles: Some 46% of turn to their smartphone as soon as they wake up.

And once those women are on their mobiles, 58% are likely to make a purchase.

Also, women make most of the decisions regarding food purchases (93%), healthcare decisions (80%) and computer purchases (66%).

To find out other reasons why you should consider making your business more attractive to women, check out the following infographic:

Why Your Marketing Needs to Be More Attractive to Women an infographic

Source: Marketingprofs

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  1. Darren Ferneyhough 4 november 2013 om 10:25

    cool infographic, thanks for sharing!
    and number 3 is a surprise to me!

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    Awesome stuff. Thanks. Love the infographic!

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    good schedule

  4. Ming Jong Tey 4 november 2013 om 10:32

    lol…This should tell us that women are great targeted audience! Start targeting girls and cash in 🙂

  5. terrinakamura 4 november 2013 om 10:39

    Interesting graphic, Berrie. I was especially surprised about the 10 hours on mobile and 8 on computer. Does that mean a combined total of 18 hours…per week?

    • Berrie Pelser 4 november 2013 om 10:57

      Yes 🙂

      • terrinakamura 4 november 2013 om 11:05

        I’m actually surprised it isn’t more!

  6. Aidas Stankus 4 november 2013 om 10:40

    so interesting. nice, I liked it.

  7. BeautyNailsJana 4 november 2013 om 11:04

    Very interesting! We have purchasing power 😉

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    Great infographic, with some interesting points!

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    Informative post. Thanks for your sharing!

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  14. MrEnergyCzar 4 november 2013 om 17:06

    They are definitely a bigger market….

  15. Duncan & Cath 4 november 2013 om 17:08

    Love it …. number 3 explains what my girl is doing…. thanks… good stuff!

  16. Win 4 november 2013 om 17:17

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    Women ARE the demographic!!!

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    Very useful and interesting !! Thanks to share !

  24. arnaz woods 4 november 2013 om 21:18

    i guess girls are great advertisers

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    Great info graphic thanks Bernie!

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  27. Daniel Stock 5 november 2013 om 03:49

    Very true!

  28. BigRockTop 5 november 2013 om 06:06

    Thanks! you forgot to market to my dog, she get all my free money…

  29. Lynn O'Connell 5 november 2013 om 07:14

    Not just girls… women. Too much advertising is directed at men when women make far more purchasing decisions.

  30. Edward Ramm 5 november 2013 om 10:21

    Great info Thanks

  31. michelledh 5 november 2013 om 12:59

    Of course the female population is very important 🙂 .. I’m surprised at 92% will pass on info about deals thats really high, but it doesn’t surprise me – there is a whole “clan” of female shoppers looking for online deals too – which do get passed around.

    Great info Berry thanks 🙂

    • Berrie Pelser 5 november 2013 om 14:16

      Hehehe Thx! @michelledh:disqus 🙂

  32. Tom Laing 5 november 2013 om 13:25

    The fact that women are the controllers of purchasing decisions is not new. David Ogilvy recognised this in the 50’s. Nor should their high involvement in social media surprise us. They naturally network more, talk more, support each other more than men could ever do. A very stimulating infographic to bring some old messages into new debates.

  33. Berrie Pelser 27 november 2013 om 10:20

    Thx! All for you comments 🙂

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