Managing Security and Compliance in the Cloud an Infographic

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Managing Security and Compliance in the Cloud an Infographic

Managing Security and Compliance in the Cloud an Infographic

There are no international standards governing data sovereignty or residency, just a tangled web of regional and national laws and international alliances. Cloud application providers may hand the information over more easily than your organization would.

And on top of that, you’ve got to wonder whether letting a cloud application provider store your data offshore introduces new security concerns. Chertoff argues that it will, stating that offshore data storage significantly increases the risk of intrusion and insider threats. A lot to think about, indeed.

The problems aren’t insurmountable, though. In fact, taking just a few steps can greatly reduce or even eliminate your data sovereignty concerns.

The Gartner Research note, ”Five Cloud Data Residency Issues That Must Not be Ignored” report recommends enterprises take steps to assure the privacy of sensitive information, achieve regulatory compliance and understand the implications of data disclosure laws.

Managing Security and Compliance in the Cloud an Infographic

Source: Ciphercloud

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  1. Esther 14 oktober 2013 om 14:17

    really interesting and helpful, good to know

  2. Gerard Dunn 14 oktober 2013 om 14:40

    Security is SO IMPORTANT – especially when data is in the cloud. Thank you for such a straight forward and useful infographic!

  3. Bree Hoge 14 oktober 2013 om 15:52

    Kind of freaky to think about where the data is when you really break it down like this.

  4. Eric Penn 14 oktober 2013 om 16:07

    So many “moving” parts, I’m surprised it actually works.

  5. Warren Cardinal 14 oktober 2013 om 16:21

    really nice look inforgraphic,. thanks for sharing.

  6. Edward Ramm 14 oktober 2013 om 16:28

    Thanks for sharing this interesting insight into our data!

  7. Robert Lang 14 oktober 2013 om 16:37

    A great share thanks!

  8. Ming Jong Tey 14 oktober 2013 om 16:53

    There are certainly tons of cloud services but we do need to find out how secure they are before we use them.


  9. Mikka 22 oktober 2013 om 02:07

    Nice infographic, and good point on legislation protecting our data.
    We are still at war with the Canadian government over its PIPA protocol, which is full of holes.

    Cheers everyone!

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