Life of an SEO Before, After and Beyond Penguin 2.1 an Infographic

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Life of an SEO Before, After and Beyond Penguin 2.1 an Infographic

Life of an SEO Before, After and Beyond Penguin 2.1 an Infographic

Life of an SEO: Before, After & Beyond Penguin* 2.1 is the 8th information graphic in our infographic series. It makes a bold, yet practical presentation of the current SEO scene, by juxtaposing it against the practices used in the pre-Penguin world. The infographic provides a hands-on take on the effect of Google’s Penguin algorithm update on SEO efforts, and reflects the state of mind of SEO professionals post-Penguin 2.1.

DCI covered key aspects of an SEO campaign such as link building, the anchor text profile, link relevance, content marketing, social media marketing, and customer relationship management. Life of an SEO: Before, After & Beyond Penguin 2.1 showcases the drastically different SEO tactics that are being used now to save websites from being penalized by the Penguin update.

Life of an SEO Before, After and Beyond Penguin 2.1 an Infographic

Source: DCI

* Google Penguin is a code name for a Google algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012. The update is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using now declared black-hat SEO techniques involved in increasing artificially the ranking of a webpage by manipulating the number of links pointing to the page. Such tactics are commonly described as link schemes. Unlike PageRank, however, Google makes all updates to this algorithm public.

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  1. Berrie Pelser 31 oktober 2013 om 11:23

    Life of an SEO Before, After and Beyond Penguin 2.1 an Infographic – /@BerriePelser – #SEO

    • Phillip 31 oktober 2013 om 19:12

      Good post and love the infographic. Hard to keep up with the changes.

  2. Alain Thai 7s 31 oktober 2013 om 11:43

    Thanks for that new infographic Berrie 😉

  3. ISScyborg 31 oktober 2013 om 12:12

    One of the best infographics I seen lately.

    • Berrie Pelser 31 oktober 2013 om 12:54

      Thanks a lot @isscyborg:disqus

  4. TechnoZeast 31 oktober 2013 om 12:26

    Definitely an up to date SEO infographic. Not like one of those outdated ones 🙂

    • Berrie Pelser 31 oktober 2013 om 12:53

      Thx! @technozeast:disqus I try my best 😉

  5. rictownsend 31 oktober 2013 om 12:34

    Great infographic… yes I’m feeling the pain 🙂

    • Berrie Pelser 31 oktober 2013 om 12:53

      Thx a lot @rictownsend:disqus I hear you

  6. Tom Laing 31 oktober 2013 om 14:00

    Memories – thanks Berrie

  7. Steve Cassady 31 oktober 2013 om 14:12

    I Really enjoy your infographics. Like to see how it keeps evolving.

  8. Les Mchugh 31 oktober 2013 om 14:14

    Very good infographic!

  9. Bree Hoge 31 oktober 2013 om 14:24

    Thanks for the run down, always changes happening!

  10. Joan-BlogBizBuzz 31 oktober 2013 om 14:57

    Wish we had Infographics a couple of years ago, quick and easy!

  11. Patrice Paquette 31 oktober 2013 om 15:40

    Awesome post, as always, Berrie! Thanks!

  12. Andrea Waltz 31 oktober 2013 om 15:49

    Great graphic thanks for sharing it!

  13. Lou War 31 oktober 2013 om 15:56

    This is a quality post and a good summary of change.

  14. Adam Hailey 31 oktober 2013 om 16:09

    you always have the best infographics, another great one

  15. Newsj44 31 oktober 2013 om 16:21

    A really solid overview of the post Penguin 2.1 realities that we’re all having to face.

  16. Gary J P Hewett 31 oktober 2013 om 16:23

    Berrie that seems to be a very well thought out and concise message about SEO and the impacts that knowing and understanding how Google actually works, might have on any given business.

    I’m more on Google’s side of the fence — the you can’t fool mother nature argument if you will — instead of focusing on tips, trick and means to get eyeballs to your site I’m thinking the only long term viable play here is to make the site itself over the moon with unique valuable educational content (aligned with a matching business model) that people love to share or at least learn important things from.

    Think about this — Google’s customers are those eyeballs and when someone goes to Google and does a search and clicks on a link leading to you then Google has an investment in that content being relevant and what they were searching for (ergo valuable to THEM).

    Google has so many talented people who’s sole job it is to find the best of the best pages for any given search and give them what they seek. Perhaps it’s time not to ask what Google can do for you but instead ask what you can do for Google to provide search-worthy pages?

    Think you can outsmart Google? Think again — they could burn the money you and I make in a year just to keep the staff warm at a bonfire and not even notice it 🙂

    You might outsmart them once and while but there is no way to outsmart them in the long run.

    I think this graphic does a lot to educate, perhaps especially in the what not to do camp and I’m happy to share it with others on that basis.

    • Berrie Pelser 31 oktober 2013 om 16:51

      @garyjphewett:disqus I agree totaly with you, so thats why I try to work with Google 😉

  17. Tom Mack 31 oktober 2013 om 17:02

    Love what you are doing, this really hits the nail on the head.

  18. Mithu Hassan 31 oktober 2013 om 17:41

    Great infographic !!

  19. Gord 31 oktober 2013 om 18:02

    Can totally relate about them time this all takes.

  20. Kirk Lau 31 oktober 2013 om 18:39

    Those infographics are awesome!!

  21. Junior DE 31 oktober 2013 om 19:06

    great content!

  22. Long Island Marketing Company 31 oktober 2013 om 19:13

    Nice infographic, SEO is not written in stone. Professionals in the field need to be able to adapt quickly and not put everything into one particular method.

  23. Toptendeals 31 oktober 2013 om 19:33

    Great infographic

  24. Edward Safran 31 oktober 2013 om 19:48

    Very informative, and a well constructed site

  25. Michael Smith 31 oktober 2013 om 19:48

    Interesting points. I think that the statistics were very interesting concerning customer acquisition.

  26. Helena Zwarts 2 november 2013 om 07:03

    Hi, I absolutely love this infographic. It is fun, educational and visually attractive! Well done! Sharing on my Facebook page Social Steroids! 🙂

  27. Fervil Tripoli 4 november 2013 om 21:31

    Very comprehensive infographics. Love it 🙂

  28. Web CEO SEO Tools 9 november 2013 om 20:02

    Good infographic but it’s a big mistake not to include sharing buttons for at least 6 social media platforms above or below or at least alongside the infographic. We’ll manually tweet this but, without the sharing buttons, it’s too much work to make the rounds.

  29. E Poff 9 november 2013 om 21:09

    I loved this infographic – so true on every level. Thank you for sharing!

  30. Spook SEO 23 november 2013 om 20:02

    Wow! This is the best Infographic I’ve ever seen portraying the evolution of SEO strategies considering Penguin updates and Hummingbird. Indeed, SEO is very challenging nowadays. After SEOers figured out how to adapt with the new system after Penguin 2.1 without significant development with the strategies, Hummingbird came into existence. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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