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A brand new way to measure Influence and Outreach. We all have Kred Somewhere.

We all have Influence Somewhere. Kred is a brand new way to understand your Influence and Outreach globally and within Communities formed around interests and affinities.

Here are just a few of the ways Kred is different:

Separate Scores for Influence and Outreach: Strong real-life relationships are based on Trust and Generosity – and that’s how Kred works, too. Influence, scored from 1-1000, shows whether your posts convince others to act. Outreach demonstrates your generosity in retweeting and replying to others.

Community: Real influence comes from expertise and passion, so we calculate Kred in Communities formed around what they care about most. Learn more about our scoring rules here.

Complete Transparency: You can always see how actions count towards your score – and your friends’, too. Just click on the Activity Statement menu item.

Offline Kred: Kred integrates offline achievements with your online identity. We pre-loaded a couple of real world accomplishments for some users and have included a list of examples. To add your own, click on the ‘Get More Kred’ menu tab once you’re inside the Kred site and select Offline.

Privacy: Kred offers full control of privacy settings to anyone visiting our site. After logging in, click over to our Privacy page for a full explanation.

So will it replace or beat KLOUT?

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