xeemeHow to increase your XeeMe score?

XeeMe is a product of Society3 Group Inc. XeeMe helps you maximize your social media impact by turning your engagement into actionable responses. XeeMe helps you organize your social presence so you can share it with every activity and stimulate responses from your audience.

Get your readers and contacts to your presence for maximum impact. XeeScore, presence analytics and network relevance reports help you navivgate towards maximum impact.

How to increase your XeeMe score?

  1. add all your social networks
  2. add the most important social networks on top
  3. add clear descriptions about your networks
  4. make your own design background
  5. attractive social presences get twice as often visited
  6. add all your groups in the group tag
  7. post a link to your XeeMe profile in your email signature
  8. post a link to your XeeMe profile everywhere
  9. install the XeeMe Badge on your websites (see below)
  10. share and promote your XeeMe profile on your Social Networks
  11. invite all your Friends
  12. import your contact list
  13. connect and engage with other XeeMe users
  14. become a Member of Kred.ly
  15. become a Member of Klout
  16. become a Member of TrustCloud
  17. become a Member of PeerIndex
  18. activate the XeeMe Network Score Bar
  19. install and use the Society3 Xeetter Google Chrome Plugin
  20. build S3 Buzz!™ campaigns
  21. become a member of the XeeMe Facebook group

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