Increase your weblog reach with Triberr !

Increase your weblog reach with Triberr !

Who Is Triberr? (

Triberr is the brain child of Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo -pictured above :-p Our Facebook Community Manager is Brankica Underwood. You can read about Triberr’s Psychological Profile which is updated frequently

What does Triberr do?
Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe. This happens automagicly of course. Hands off kind of deal. Leaves more time for true engagement. Simple, right?

How does Triberr works?
What’s really cool is that YOU are in control of what Tribes you belong to.

So just think. Every time you publish a new post on your authority blog, EVERYONE in your Tribe can tweets it to all of their followers.

This will get your blog off the ground and buzzing with traffic in no time.

  • No need to wait 6-12 months for your SEO efforts to take full effect.
  • No need for you to pester your followers with constant retweets of your blog post.

Your Tribe does it for you and it creates a real win-win-win situation.

  • You Win – Your blog posts get distributed by your Tribe far and wide.
  • Tribes Win- People in your Tribe get to feed quality content to their followers and inject variety into their own tweeting efforts
  • Followers Win- Followers get exposed to quality content created by your Tribesmen.


Atomic Tribe Social Media

New Atomic Social Media Tribe on #Triberr 

What is a Triberr Tribe?
A Tribe is a vibrant community featuring content created by bloggers, photographers and videographers. Becoming part of a Tribe is a great way to give a topic some sizzle because it’s more engaging to readers when the content is produced by a variety of voices – much like a newspaper or magazine.

Joining a Tribe or creating your own is a great way to build your brand and drive more traffic.

That’s the power of an Atomic Tribe.

For brands, integrating a Tribe within your website is a powerful way to engage your customers, expand your online presence and drive sales conversions.

What are Atomic Tribes?

Atomic Tribes will weave several innovative concepts together, like:

  • Auto/manual content sharing across multiple destination networks
  • Tribe SEO, a new technology available only to Triberr members
  • Priority Handling
  • Flexible account and RSS treatment
  • Custom shortner
  • Bone-deep statistics
  • Chief-centric controls
  • Priority Support

How many members can an Atomic Tribe have?
Atomic Tribes purchased during our alpha and beta periods can have up to 500 members. This number may change once ATs are opened up to everyone.

Who can join my Atomic Tribe?
Anyone. Unlike traditional tribes, Atomic Tribes can include both bloggers and non-bloggers.
Invite anyone who likes to read and share your blog posts. Friends, family, co-workers, social network connections, blog readers, family pets… everyone is welcome.

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