How to Generate Leads an Infographic

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How to Generate Leads an Infographic

How to Generate Leads and Infographic

This may be the most common web marketing challenge: how to generate leads. Some do it very well, and others never seem to figure it out. When lead generation isn’t working, everyone seems to have a different opinion as to why.

There are a lot of factors – at least 40! Let’s take a giant step back and look at all the things required to create a lead generating machine.

Here is our all-in-one, super huge, print-this-and-hang-it-up explanation of everything you need to know about how to generate leads. Do not skip any steps. Miss something here and you’ll miss opportunities to connect with customers.

Note for e-commerce sites: this process is very similar for sites that sell things, which are less about generating leads and more about generating customers.


Source: Orbitmedia

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  1. City Web 28 oktober 2013 om 16:57

    Thanks for the great infographic on lead generation – just shared to our Twitter followers!

  2. sherman smith 30 oktober 2013 om 01:25

    Great post here on how to generate leads. I think the most important, fundamental steps to focus on are steps 1 through 4, especially number 2. In order to be attractive to your audience, you want to focus on their needs. If you’re doing this, you catch their attention, meaning you’re on the same page and they are more than willing to listen to what would be the solution to their problems. Thanks for sharing!

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