How To Create THE Perfect Tweet – an infographic

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How To Create THE Perfect Tweet – an infographic

How To Create THE Perfect Tweet – an infographic

At first glance 140 characters could seem insufficient, but once emerged into the world of social media you realize they give the endless possibilities.

If you have some basic skills of course! So where to start? Above all dedicate some time to your tweet: each good project initiates with a good idea, so you need to think your message well.

Find the right keywords that convey the essence of your message and with the right call-to-action you’ll grab the readers attention. Weather you ask a question, invite to react or simply offer a key point that needs to be analyzed further, be sure to provide a functioning link, to connect your tweet with the content.

The linking should be flawless since it’s the essential web operation.

How To Create THE Perfect Tweet

How To Create THE Perfect Tweet

Source: Neomobile

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  1. Stefan David 24 juli 2013 om 13:07

    Great and interesting infos for twitter users. I think it will help many people.

  2. Joeplinos 24 juli 2013 om 13:51

    really helpful

  3. Maria E. Hill 24 juli 2013 om 14:26

    I love this infographic. With all the info out there, this gets right to the heart of the matter. I liked what you said about hashtags. I am weak on using them.

  4. Harold Gardner 24 juli 2013 om 14:48

    Always just a bit amused by the folks who use all 140 characters and ask for a retweet.

  5. Clara 24 juli 2013 om 14:48

    Great idea.

  6. Sergio 24 juli 2013 om 14:54


  7. Mike Pachulski 24 juli 2013 om 15:34

    Great information, I feel like a lot of people underestimate twitter as a marketing tool and this helps clear up a lot!

  8. Emily 24 juli 2013 om 17:16

    Very nice tips, I think it’s very useful for people like me

  9. Genie Sun 24 juli 2013 om 17:17

    Your information is great

  10. RadeBigMan (@RadeBigMan) 24 juli 2013 om 17:47

    Perfect infographic on how to create a perfect tweet, : )

  11. Sandor 24 juli 2013 om 18:23

    Yep must have links, Twitter is a link economy

  12. Esther 24 juli 2013 om 18:51

    thanks , i have learned something new

  13. Baja By bus 24 juli 2013 om 19:24

    A useful guide, thanks!

  14. Jonathan 24 juli 2013 om 20:00

    I remember that it used to be no more than three hashtags. I can understand not wanting to overload a Tweet with hashtags, but two seems a bit restrictive.

  15. Barbara Fariña 24 juli 2013 om 23:16

    Interesting. Thank you

  16. Branko Zecevic 24 juli 2013 om 23:47

    Thanks for the post Berrie!
    I like Twitter very much! And with this info I can optimize my tweets to get bigger exposure!

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