The Growing Impact of Social Media #infographic

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The Growing Impact of Social Media #infographic

The Growing Impact of Social Media #infographic

Social media are social software which mediate human communication. When the technologies are in place, social media is ubiquitously accessible, and enabled by scalable

[clarification needed] communication techniques. In the year 2012, social media became one of the most powerful sources for news updates through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Morrison & Foerster’s popular Socially Aware Blog is out this week with a thought-provoking infographic that delves into Americans’ increasing obsession with social media, along with their increasingly fractured attention spans.

Email, face-to-face socialising and even taking care of household members have all suffered under the wake of platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Even television has seen a sizeable chunk of its audience move online, and many folks who still prefer to sit in front of the box now do so whilst engaging with like-minded viewers on their smartphone or tablets.

The Growing Impact of Social Media #infographic

Source: Sociallyawareblog

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18 Reacties

  1. Louis 30 november 2012 om 09:53

    I am surprised that facebook beat all other social media sites by that huge margin

  2. Ernest Koncaba 30 november 2012 om 08:59

    My internet time has been cut about in half over the same time period. More due to health reasons then any wish to cut back. Were I still in good health, I would not have cut my time back at all. I would fit right in the middle of the stats.

  3. Neil Silverthorn 30 november 2012 om 08:59

    I know my time on social media has increased in 2012! Great infographic

  4. Mika Douglas 30 november 2012 om 09:04

    We have only scratched the surface of opportunity.

  5. George J Lloyd 30 november 2012 om 10:11

    Thank you Berrie. That comes is very handy.

  6. Alexander Bakoulis 30 november 2012 om 09:21

    Never tried Hulu or Tudu 🙂 I spend many time on Facebook. Thanks for the info Berrie!

  7. Bang Gowes 30 november 2012 om 09:40

    Great content, thanks Berrie!

  8. Des Daughter Diethylstilbestrol 30 november 2012 om 10:10

    Interesting stats! Many thanks Berrie 🙂

  9. EA Leaders 30 november 2012 om 10:14

    So far as the trend of social media and social networks users are increasing I think that this trend next year, doubled due to the increasing popularity. Thank you so mush Berrie.

  10. Amanda Fox 30 november 2012 om 10:41

    When you break it down like this, the numbers are pretty amazing. A lot of potential to capitalize on this even more.

  11. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) 30 november 2012 om 12:08

    Fascinating -There is such room – opportunity – for growth. As Mika said above – we have only just scratched the surface.

  12. Maria E. Hill 30 november 2012 om 11:16

    Interesting. I expected Twitter to have a higher time commitment.

  13. Gabriel R. 30 november 2012 om 12:26

    Thanks for sharing. I like to stay abreast of the current state of social media. You always make that an easy task Berrie. You rock!

  14. Harold Gardner 30 november 2012 om 11:45

    Seems like these changes have some huge potential for impact, but I am not certain that I see anyone exploiting this change effectively. The opportunity is tremendous if someone can get in front.

  15. David 30 november 2012 om 13:42

    These trends are sure to continue as social media matures even more

  16. Billy Stewart 30 november 2012 om 13:02

    I would love to see a similar one for UK users, eould be great to get an insight into their habbits!

  17. Abhijit 30 november 2012 om 14:38

    V informative as usual Berrie – thanks 🙂

  18. Frithjof Petscheleit 4 december 2012 om 00:39

    Hmmm For me Social Networking is a lot like Socializing in Person si in total we are actually socializing more!
    Sorry but I always doubt Google+ numbers since it is unclear what counts as a log in.
    Great Infographic!

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