Google Glass – How it works – #infographic

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Google Glass – How it works – #infographic

Google Glass – How it works – #infographic

How does it work, Google’s new Glass? Why can you see with it a sharp image-layer? How does the image overlay the image of reality? The following infographic illustrates the optical principle – very simple and easy to understand.

Google Glass is a technical masterpiece. It combines numerous functions and features in a very small unit. In addition to phone and camera (photo, video), it offers Internet connection, including GPS.

The core feature of Google Glass is a visual layer that is placed over the reality (“augmented reality“). This layer opens a door to amazing new possibilities. But how does it work? In the Google Glass contains a mini-projector, which projected the layer via a clever, semi-transparent prism directly on the retina in the eye.

Because of this the image, even though it is so close to the eye, is sharp and clear. You can move the front part of the Google Glass easily to optimize the focus.

Google Glass – How it works – #infographic


Google Glass – How it works

Source: Brille-kaufen

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28 Reacties

  1. Dan Tulloh 10 april 2013 om 08:42

    Thanks, very interesting. I had no idea the challenges it might face though for people with existing glasses.

  2. Judith Kavanaugh 10 april 2013 om 08:45

    Wow I always think if they can do this what is 20 years from going to bring.

  3. Liz Pullen 10 april 2013 om 08:47

    I didn't really understand Google Glasses before seeing this infographic. Not sure when it would be available for people like me who wear glasses.

  4. Yanko Georgiev 10 april 2013 om 08:47

    After few years we could wach TV…:)

  5. Pieter Collier 10 april 2013 om 08:51

    great infograph on how Google Glass works! I wonder how it impacts relationships though! Is even worse then mobiles I suppose..

  6. Rob Tee 10 april 2013 om 08:58

    It's amazing how these things work.

  7. Enrique Bonsón 10 april 2013 om 09:01

    Very interesting info, thanks!

  8. Louis H Uffmire 10 april 2013 om 09:17

    I learned a great deal.

  9. Al Sbom 10 april 2013 om 09:19

    very informative, thank you.

  10. Scott Bergman 10 april 2013 om 11:20

    Very interesting infographic!

  11. John Small (@JohnSmall9) 10 april 2013 om 11:26


  12. Steven R. Hamberg 10 april 2013 om 10:10

    Wow what a nice piece of work this is.Nicely explained, now even I can understand Google Glasses, thanks.

  13. Kelvin Myles 10 april 2013 om 10:20

    Amazing information – another step on the way to true virtual reality.

  14. Branko Zecevic 10 april 2013 om 10:28

    Thanks for the info! It's great to know something about Google glass which is something truly unique!

  15. Tero Syväniemi 10 april 2013 om 10:30

    excelent classes

  16. Harold Gardner 10 april 2013 om 12:49

    A really clear visual summary of some amazing technology.

  17. Ivana D. Jenkins 10 april 2013 om 11:13


  18. Tom Plamann 10 april 2013 om 11:18

    Hmmmm, might be a bit unsocial to be around someone with these… But still rather interesting.

  19. Wayne Eaton 10 april 2013 om 11:18

    This is a interest topic..i know lot more about google glasses now thanks for the info.

  20. MaryHelen Ferris 10 april 2013 om 11:40

    Appreciate you for making this clearer….and looking forward to learning more with thX.

  21. Alexander Bakoulis 10 april 2013 om 12:16

    Very useful information. It was more interesting to learn of how the prism works with the eye, wich is covered in the infographic, but and how the video and photography gets on action (buttons). 🙂

  22. geoffrey 10 april 2013 om 15:32

    nice…but I thin I would prefer the external projection option and this method being for private use. otherwise pretty cool

  23. Ben Heys 10 april 2013 om 13:58

    Can't wait to give these things a go!

  24. Bill Lazdowski 10 april 2013 om 14:39

    It will be interesting to see all of the legal issues that come about from the use of these.

  25. Toon Kerssemakers 10 april 2013 om 15:38

    As siad. You see the idea by instagram. Really genious. Thanks for this post.

  26. Jeanne Lynn 10 april 2013 om 17:25

    I wonder if these will work for me. I had perfect vision my entire life, no glasses, until I turned 40. Now I need glasses to read or see things that are close to me. I'd really love a pair of Google glasses! Thanks for the infographic, excellent information.

  27. Eric Penn 10 april 2013 om 20:53

    Wow that's awesome, thanks Berrie.

  28. Bradley 11 april 2013 om 18:33

    I think that Google Glasses will have a knock on effect in society – especially with the concept of ‘trust’. If you meet someone for the first time and are concerned they are videoing the conversation, we won’t be as natural. I wrote more about the social impacts here:

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