Global Mobile Advertising Stats an infographic

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Global Mobile Advertising Stats an infographic

Global Mobile Advertising Stats an infographic

The Mobile advertising market is growing fast with more and more companies promoting their products on mobile platforms. Our infographic on Global Mobile Advertising covers the latest statistics and trends of mobile advertising spending. How much advertisers are spending on mobile ads, Mobile ad spending by category and lot more.

Source: Go-Gulf

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  1. radebigman 17 september 2013 om 09:46

    Interesting, there’s money to be made in mobile advertising world…

  2. Robert A 17 september 2013 om 09:53

    Great infographic presentation.

  3. Jason Wagner 17 september 2013 om 10:19

    What a fine article

  4. mohan 17 september 2013 om 10:26

    supper nice

  5. alainbkk 17 september 2013 om 10:47

    Most of my websites have an optimized mobile version. I am really interested to be more involved with advertising on its. Thanks.

  6. Branko Zecevic 17 september 2013 om 11:23

    Thank you for the post! Really great insights and tips on progressing of mobile advertising! 🙂

  7. Stephanie 17 september 2013 om 13:55

    Cool infograph

  8. Passerby 17 september 2013 om 14:19

    Very nice infographic!

  9. X 17 september 2013 om 14:31

    It’s all about e-commerce!

  10. TFH 17 september 2013 om 14:40

    And expected to increase the rate of climb…

  11. Tom Laing 17 september 2013 om 15:16

    Fascinating numbers – What’s your plan for the next four years. Check this out

  12. Gord 18 september 2013 om 00:32

    This cannot be ignored.

  13. Eric Penn 19 september 2013 om 04:14

    Wow very cool info.

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