Get ready for more sharing in 2013!

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Get ready for more sharing in 2013!

Get ready for more sharing in 2013! 

Source: Trustcloud

After an exciting year of triumphs and crises for the sharing economy, its adovocates and entrepreneurs, it can be predicted that 2013 is going to be an important year for peer-to-peer marketplaces(p2p) to start becoming more mainstream.

Let’s take a short look at some of the important events that happened in the sharing economy and online trust space in 2012:

In January, Airbnb reached first 5 million night booked and was able to double this number by June, making it the poster child of successful collaborative consumption platforms. announced its expansion to the US after receiving $ 10 million in funding by Daimler; on-demand ridesharing services experienced a crisisafter being asked to cease and desist by California regulators while the major of San Francisco is working to promote these new business models in his newly createdSharing Economy Working Group.

Notable events in the sphere of online trust and identity were collaborative consumption advocate Rachel Botsman’s talk at TED Global about trust as a new currency for the sharing economy, the founding of the Collaborative Economy Coalition last summer (of which TrustCloud is a founding member), as well as theRespect Network, a network for the trusted exchange of personal data.

Despite the regulatory and insurance issues many p2p marketplaces face, one can be confident that government and entrepreneurs will succeed in finding solutions to these challenges in the months to come. Neal Gorenflo, co-founder of Shareable Magazine, formulated a very inspiring vision for the potential of the sharing economy:

I don’t think there’s anything else that can radically reduce poverty and resource consumption at the same time, something humans must do to stabilize our global climate and society. The sharing economy is not only a real solution, it’s also an inspiring true story. People experience it as empowering. It puts people in a new, constructive relation to one another.

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  1. Louis H Uffmire 4 januari 2013 om 10:26

    I am wondering about the downside, i.e. vulnerability of data being compromised.

  2. Ron Callari 4 januari 2013 om 10:39

    Jury is still for TRUST or KLOUT being the benchmarks for online credibility. Too easy to game the systems to really make them effective. Even LinkedIn's endorsements has become a simple point-and-click voucher system – which many of us hand out without a lot of thought as to whether or not the individual is worthy of these types of recommendations.

  3. Veenaga Bhushan 4 januari 2013 om 10:43

    A clouldis therecycleof the life, the water in theform of humidity, shares the dust raises daily at dusk time merges torm cloud, they are genuine to trust. Trustcloudis genuine to share with.

  4. Claudiu Clau 4 januari 2013 om 11:10

    online trust space & sharing economy in era of context…

  5. Toon Kerssemakers 4 januari 2013 om 11:11

    Whatever you may think about this: we cannot ignore this development. Looking forward to more info about this subject. Thanks a lot Berrie Pelser.

  6. Quentin Karmark 4 januari 2013 om 12:25

    AirBnB is such a cool concept!

  7. Ben Heys 4 januari 2013 om 15:47

    interesting to see what happens..

  8. Mithu Hassan 4 januari 2013 om 17:34

    Thanks a lot to share!

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