How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page – infographic

/, social media, social networks, wordpress/How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page – infographic

How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page – infographic

How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page – infographic

Facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004, owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users, more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device
source: Shortstack

How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page - infographic

How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page – infographic

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    Nice post Berrie. There are soooo many pages that need to know this.

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    As Always Berrie Pelser, Quality information.

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    So easy to understand and sometimes so tricky to do. 🙂

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  13. Cat's Stories 17 januari 2013 om 18:09

    Wow! This is a powerful graphic. While I've implemented many of the recommendations, I still have more work to do. I love graphics because they break down otherwise complicated information into something usable and memorable. Cat McMahon

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