Become a Empire Avenue Leader and help transform Empire Avenue! The Exclusive Empire Avenue Leaders Community will help transform Empire AvenueEmpire Avenue: Become a Empire Avenue Leader and help transform Empire Avenue!

Empire Avenue

The Exclusive Empire Avenue Leaders Community will help transform Empire Avenue.

–> BECOME an EAv LEADER here!

We’re about to embark on the boldest transformation of Empire Avenue yet and need your help to fund it! This transformation will be with a with a new team, a new vision and you will be part of the Community that makes it happen.

We want you to have immediate value as a Member! What’s Included:

An Exclusive Community where members will earn double Dividends on Social Stocks from each other and receive extra Eaves whenever members complete each others’ missions.

  • All Pie Upgrades
  • Empire Avenue Leaders Badge on your Profile and elsewhere!
  • Special Pie #24 and Pie #25 Upgrades only available through this item (will not be made available separately till June 2014)
  • 500 Extra Even More Desserts
  • 5 Million Eaves
  • 20 Promoted and 20 Scheduled Missions
  • EA Leaders unlocked the Early Bird Bonus

Empire Avenue Leaders Transforming Empire Avenue into the Future! Members of this special community receive 2x dividends from other members and extra bonuses on completing Scaled Eaves Missions!

The Benefits of using Empire Avenue
Missions: Increase traffic and reach on social media across 10 different networks by creating Missions to your brand and content which can be spread by our influencers, engagers and mavens to 30M+ people. Reward your Influencers with Reward Points (Vees) and / or Virtual Currency (Eaves).

Profile: Network Scores can be used to evaluate and measure the success of your Social Media engagement. Rewards given through Missions can be scaled to target those with high scores in specific social networks providing a better ROI!

People’s Market: Sell products and services People’s Market directly through Paypal or by redeeming Vees. Reward purchasers with Vees and use our linked Missions promotional platform to drive greater awareness.

Social Stocks: By investing in influencers and brands on the Social Stocks game you expand your reach across 10 social networks. Building wealth through Social Stocks is one way to use the Missions promotional platform.

Rewards: Reward your current fans and prospective influencers with our Reward Points and Virtual Currency as they discover and connect with you through Missions.

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