Digital Agenda Social Media Assembly 2012 of the EU Commission

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Digital Agenda Social Media Assembly 2012 of the EU Commission

Digital Agenda Social Media Assembly 2012 of the EU Commission

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“As you may have heard, I joined a team of top notch Social Media strategists and practitioner to create a pan European Social Media initiative. It’s a fascinating engagement to help the various European countries leverage Social Media to thrive and grow new jobs. If you want to know more about it, please check the page on Facebook We trust that eventually this will be co-funded by the EU Commission after we present this to the EU in June. Please help us gain visibility and let your European friends know about this.” Thanks

We need help from all Social Media guru’s in all EU Countries, please read and join us!

Please try to make this meeting Thursday 16:00 CEST (Berlin/Amsterdam/..)

– We should discuss some short term objectives
– The way we do this initial assessment
– Talk about timing between now and June 21
– The countries we should start with

We will allocated 45 minutes and we will also share some more info between now and Thursday here so we are well prepared to make decisions. 🙂


As part of the Digital Agenda Assembly 2012 of the EU Commission, we started this rather massive project to help the EU help businesses to understand, adopt and leverage social media. The anticipated outcome is that growing and economically stable businesses create new jobs and help their respective country to gain more stability as well. Almost a ‘side effect’ is to induce social media in the government as a vehicle to accelerate the dialog between the population and the public sector.

While this project is my brain child, I’m only the guide and collaborate with especially talented and extraordinary people who all work towards a common pan European objective. This is certainly one of the largest crowd sourced strategy initiatives ever done. We are collaborating as a powerful group of highly experienced social media strategists, very ambitious social media enthusiasts and extremely engaged social media practitioner.

Work place:
The primary work of this group is on a open Facebook Group. In this context open means everybody can see what we are doing. In order to contribute, you will need to be approved to join the group. This is also the place where you see who is part of the group.

Digital Agenda 2012 Review:
Objectives (Per EU Commission)
The main objectives of the Assembly are to:

Assess progress to date on implementation towards the Digital Agenda’s goals and actions and seek ways to improve delivery;
Identify challenges ahead for the implementation of the Digital Agenda and for the information society in general;
Mobilise stakeholders’ actions to make further progress and address challenges.
Review :


Relative to the previous objectives which where more exploratory, then concrete objectives, it looks like there is quite some good progress in visibility. As stated by the internal web team as well as collaborators with the EU, the internal Web Infrastructure however is rather difficult and not easy to collaborate on.

2) Challenges

I see the three biggest challenges for the Digital Agenda Europe – Social Media in
a) Creating more concrete and measurable objectives
b) Rapidly ramping up the level of social media experience to be able to move from tactical experimentation with the media to a strategic engagement
c) Reviewing the current technology and infrastructure and potentially augmenting it with broadly available social media technology as a work base for all constituencies to collaborate on

3) Future Progress

My engagement and commitment is three fold:
a) Mobilizing capable and experienced stake holders from all EU countries to ensure a sustainable development and leadership for the Digital Agenda (Social Media) as well as leveraging existing high end technology for all constituencies to collaborate with each other and the public.

b) Setting measurable objectives and a defined time frame for a Social Media Strategy that: Stimulate small and medium size businesses and innovative start-ups across the EU leveraging social media to create a sustainable growth, additional jobs and being able to compete in a global market. Specifically we want to double the number of businesses, actively engaged in social media who created new jobs, year over year till 2016.

c) Initiate, lead and execute a Social Media Engagement Strategy to fulfill the above objective by 2016 through crowd sourcing the necessary inputs, programs and actions and leveraging existing expertise helping businesses to thrive, support innovative entrepreneurs create additional jobs and make the public sector more accessible to the population. Success is measured by the number of social media engaged companies who created additional jobs, the measurable increase in social media adoption and the growing number of mentions of said businesses.

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  1. Christine Miller 11 mei 2012 om 13:27

    Impressive start to an impressive project, Berrie, I know your input is much appreciated by the team – it’s a real pleasure to be part of the founding group for this Digital Agenda Social Media Assembly 2012 of the EU Commission.
    I would recommend to anyone who is interested in Social media and Business growth –
    Do come and add your views and participate here:

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