Content Marketing A Guide to Marketing Genius – a Giant Infographic

/, social media, social networks, webhosting, wordpress/Content Marketing A Guide to Marketing Genius – a Giant Infographic

Content Marketing A Guide to Marketing Genius – a Giant Infographic

Content Marketing A Guide to Marketing Genius – a Giant Infographic

Did you know that 90% of all organizations use content in their marketing efforts?

Although the phrase “content marketing” is something of a buzzword amongst today’s promotional teams, the reality is that this inbound marketing practice is both remarkably widespread and effective. To learn more about what content marketing is, how it can benefit your organization and how to get started using this technique to promote your company, check out the following “A Guide to Marketing Genius: Content Marketing” infographic:

Content Marketing A Guide to Marketing Genius

Content Marketing A Guide to Marketing Genius

Source: Demandmetric

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  1. Daniel Imbellino 10 juni 2013 om 07:56

    I do believe that content led websites are the best way to engage customer, great infographic, thanks 🙂

  2. Daniel Imbellino 10 juni 2013 om 07:56

    I do believe that content led websites are the best way to engage customer, great infographic, thanks 🙂

  3. Mary Helen Ferris 10 juni 2013 om 07:56

    thank you for the details…

  4. Erik Van Erne 10 juni 2013 om 07:57

    Thanks Berrie

  5. Danielle Keogh 10 juni 2013 om 08:04

    This was extremely helpful! Thank you ;-).

  6. Terri Nakamura 10 juni 2013 om 08:29

    Amazing and comprehensive. Thanks, Berrie Pelser!

  7. Rick 10 juni 2013 om 10:42

    Amazing info!

  8. Toon Kerssemakers 10 juni 2013 om 09:22

    Again great classes! An excellent marketing lesson. Thanks for posting Berrie Pelser.

  9. Toon Kerssemakers 10 juni 2013 om 11:23

    An excellent marketing lesson. Thanks a lot

  10. Hansjörg Leichsenring 10 juni 2013 om 09:40

    Very intersting and compelling Information. Thanks!

    Have you seen my new blog post?
    Think different – Innovation und Leadership: Lernen von Steve Jobs.

  11. Wayne Eaton 10 juni 2013 om 09:43

    Berrie just another great piece of starting to enjoy reading your infographic.

  12. Mariam 10 juni 2013 om 12:37

    Thanks for this comprehensive info; quite helpful.

  13. Harold Gardner 10 juni 2013 om 12:38

    Really great info. I am shocked that most companies outsource content.

  14. Branko Zecevic 10 juni 2013 om 10:40

    Great insights! I always look at content marketing as more valuable then advertising although I think advertising has also potential!

  15. Kool Umair 10 juni 2013 om 10:45

    Great Info graphic having Alot of interesting information. very helpful

  16. Jose Castillo 10 juni 2013 om 12:52

    Very complete and full of information !!

  17. Brian D. Hawkins 10 juni 2013 om 10:52

    Very informative Berrie, this must have taken a ton of research time. Very nice 🙂

  18. Stephanie Epps 10 juni 2013 om 10:55

    Wiow, good infographic.

  19. Shane Atkins 10 juni 2013 om 11:32

    Great infographic thanks for sharing.

  20. Jack Burton 10 juni 2013 om 13:38

    Great infographic

  21. Ken Booth 10 juni 2013 om 11:39

    Great infographic…very nice work!

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  23. Hiren Modi 10 juni 2013 om 14:34

    All the information given in this above info graphic has been implemented by them first !!! Really useful statistics.

  24. Yannis Drakopoulos 10 juni 2013 om 12:48

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  25. Mark Reynolds 10 juni 2013 om 12:56

    This is an excellent infographic, with lots of good *content*. Many thanks.

  26. Radha Khalsa 10 juni 2013 om 13:00

    Awesome infographic, thanks Berrie!

  27. Bobby Lundmark 10 juni 2013 om 13:00

    Very interesting stats!

  28. Ernie Meyer 10 juni 2013 om 13:17

    So much info to explore, thank you.

  29. Samuel Schmid 10 juni 2013 om 18:02

    Top and informative graphics as always. Thanks for sharing this info! 🙂

  30. Patrice Paquette 10 juni 2013 om 17:35

    Great infographic! Thank you! 🙂

  31. Ron Richardson 10 juni 2013 om 18:53

    Berrie, great info in a clear presentation, thanks!

  32. Darren Wall 10 juni 2013 om 19:09

    Great infographic! I love how content marketing is now all the rage, makes me wonder what those who have only just discovered it have been doing for years.

  33. Abdulrahman Magdi Badr 10 juni 2013 om 20:02

    very helpful content! thank you

  34. Al Sbom 10 juni 2013 om 20:06

    Thanks, Berrie

  35. Darren Ferneyhough 10 juni 2013 om 22:17

    epic and awesome! great infographic, thanks for creating and sharing 🙂

  36. SusanO 8 juli 2013 om 17:33

    Here is the proposed post:
    Your post highlights the importance of a comprehensively integrated marketing plan. But, it isn’t enough to design a great looking website and wait for the dollars to roll in. Today, you have to identify your target audience and find multiple channels through which to reach your audience.

    A great article or blog about a core topic may get you a consulting client but you also have to promote your WordPress, eCommerce, Business Intelligence or other development and project management skills. A good website and/or blog might give your prospects enough information to make them interested, but then there is the factor of global competition. Do you work across time zones and in multiple countries? Is your product suitable for only customers in the U.S. or can you find interested clients in Australia, the Pacific Rim or South Africa?

    All of these issues (and more) will dictate the methods you use to reach clients and the type of site, blog, social media page, mobile application or white paper, product or service you create and how you market it. You’ll need to understand your competitors and developing trends and you’ll need to build a nimble organization that can turn on a dime to address swift market changes.

    SO…no matter the quality of your product or service, you’ll have to satisfy all of those factors in order to attract and retain clients and grow your business. You’ll have to quickly assimilate and analyze information to identify what tactics are working and where you are falling short and you’ll have to move quickly in order to beat the competition.

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