What if Computer Technology Education can ensure a Moldovan orphan a future

Moldovan orphan

Donate now please on – http://tekedu.org.md/support-a-child-for-ict-education-in-moldova/

Your donation will help us reach children in residential institutions with essential computer technology education, which will increase their chances to have a voice in society and to avoid poverty, criminality and trafficking.

TEKEDU is a new organization that is helping orphans in Moldova to have inclusive computer technology education. Our cause aim is saving and protecting vulnerable children living in orphanages against criminality, violence, abuse and exploitation.

Computer Technology Education can ensure a Moldovan orphan a future. TEKEDU is a organization that is helping orphans Moldova computer technology education

Especially for what concerns girls and children with disabilities. With inclusive Computer Technology Education, children will have a voice and potentials to develop skills that will secure employability and a sustainable life ahead of them.

However, these children depend on our individual contribution to help elevate them from abject poverty to a promising future that will forever bring smile and fulfillment in their faces. Your contribution will endlessly remain a life-changing for the children.

With your support, TEKEDU can provide affordable and cutting edge ICT education to children in residential institutions. Click on the link below, and start helping those children in Moldova NOW!

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